New 'Green Eggs & Ham' Trailer Tells The Story Of An Unlikely Friendship

A little less than a week before the Nov. 8 premiere, Netflix released the Season 1 Green Eggs and Ham trailer. And although the video is less than two minutes long, the preview reveals the show has a lot of heart and opportunities for laughter, focusing on the unlikely friendship between two central characters: Guy Am I and Sam I Am.

Netflix's Green Eggs and Ham reportedly took four years to produce so it's pretty exciting the Season 1 premiere date is only a few days away. And if you're wondering why the project took a while to get off the ground, consider the original book uses only 50 different words, according to Politico. I wasn't in the writer's room for this show, but I assume it took many hours of brainstorming to come up with an engaging plot that's also suitable for families.

Speaking of the plot, it centers on the unlikely pairing of Guy Am I (voiced by Michael Douglas) and Sam I Am (voiced by Adam Devine), who meet unexpectedly one day and accidentally swap their briefcases in the process. The mixup is important because Sam I Am has a rare Chickeraffe from the Glurfsburg Zoo in his briefcase, who he hopes to rescue. As for Guy Am I, he is a disenchanted grump who quickly becomes mixed up in bright-eyed Sam I Am's altruistic mission of saving the Chickeraffe, according to The Wrap. Hilarity then ensues because the two are polar opposites, with Guy Am I being consistently annoyed at his new sidekick's antics (including his love for green eggs and ham, of course).

The plot takes a turn, however, when the two realize they're forming a strong friendship, which the new trailer released on Friday hilariously showcases. "Every moment I'm with you is a disaster," Guy Am I yells at Sam I Am in the clip. "I nearly drowned and you've stolen my wallet at least three times!" Sam I Am then replies amid laughter, "Oh yeah, good times."

Although the two might seem destined for failure (they experience many mishaps in the trailer), their journey ultimately appears destined for success thanks to their teamwork. "All it takes is a dash of Sam, a pinch of Guy," a voiceover in the trailer says as the duo embarks on their travels. "What do you get? A great team."

Fans will get to watch Sam I Am and Guy Am I's friendship evolve over the course of 14 episodes, a turn of events many are excited to see.

One person joked on YouTube: "Me when they first announced this with no trailer 'this is probably going to suck.'

"Me after seeing this 'I have never been more wrong in my entire life and on my God the animation is beautiful and fun ...'"

"To be honest, I've never expected that an iconic story by Dr. Seuss would ever become the next new cartoon for Netflix, but I am definitely intrigued by this and I'm excited for this show's new future," someone else said.

One person penned: "I'm watching this. They made a buddy series centering on two of Seuss's most famous characters."

I can confidently say I share in this excitement, as this series appears to have amazing animation and a heartwarming plot. So here's to watching Guy Am I and Sam I Am's adventures unfold on the small screen.