New Harry Potter LEGO Sets Are Coming, So Get Your Building Fingers Ready


I am a rabid Potterhead and such an extreme fan that my husband had to convince me that we couldn't name our son "Neville" because literally every third millennial in Brooklyn had already used it. I am so obsessed that my home could double as a gift shop for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at this point, complete with the amazing LEGO Hogwarts from last year. Now, LEGO is giving me the vapors by releasing tons of new Wizarding World of Harry Potter LEGO sets that include everything from Hagrid's Hut to Harry's Patronus, and I'm schvitzing.

Six brand new Wizarding World of Harry Potter LEGO sets are releasing on August 1. They are amazing and feature everything from scenes inside Hogwarts to the Triwizard Cup — all from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. Fans of the Rowling-created universe will delight over the depictions of Harry's patronus, the Hungarian Horntail, and the wonderful Buckbeak. (Even if his executioner from the ministry and the Minister of Magic loom large in the background.) Not to worry, though, because Hermione is wearing her time turner, and she's ready to save the day — as per usual. Each character even has their own wand, proving that LEGO went that extra mile for us Potterheads.

1. Expecto Patronum

Left Image:LegoRight Image:Lego

Sirius Black as a LEGO. My heart cannot take it. He is one of the most endearing characters of the whole series in my opinion, right up there with Remus Lupin and Neville Longbottom. Here he is, wand in hand, teaching Harry to fight of the dementors with the aid of Harry's Patronus, the white stag.

And can we talk about how cool the dementors are in LEGO form? They're almost cute. It's disarming and I love it.

2. Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge

Left Image:LegoRight Image:Lego

Rest in peace, Cedric. Let's remember happier times, like when you were able to not die by a dragon, alongside Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour, and Harry Potter.

This 265-piece set has a Hungarian Horntail, all four Triwizard champions, Harry's broom, the hut, and a fire. The detail they were able to render on plastic bricks is out of control. They're gorgeous.

3. Hagrid's Hut/Buckbeak's Rescue

Left Image:LegoRight Image:Lego

OK, we all know that the Minister of Magic was essentially a stooge for most of the series. Here he is, giving in to pressures from the blonde evils known as the Malfoys, ready to have some hooded henchman kill the innocent Buckbeak. Thank the good spirits of ancestors running around in paintings that Hermione showed up just at the right time.

In this 496-piece set, I think the pumpkins are the cutest addition. They provide the whimsy needed for such a dark scene.

4. Hogwarts Clock Tower

Left Image:LegoRight Image:Lego

I never knew that I needed a Madame Maxime LEGO until just this moment. Beauxbatons School for Girls' headmistress is positively resplendent in her pink formal finery. However, do not ask her if one of her parents was a giant. It will not end well for you. Just ask Hagrid.

It's the tall couple we all shipped before Brienne and Tormund.

5. The Knight Bus


If you need to get somewhere in a hurry in the muggle world, without being detected, the Knight Bus is where it's at. Complete with comfy sleeping quarters and a driver who has seen one too many cauldrons of what had to be Monster energy drink, this 403-piece Lego set is going places.

I can't get over how vivid the color is on this set. I want to build a whole world for it. It's stunning.

6. Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Left Image:LegoRight Image:Lego

There have been rumors of this set for years. It's finally coming, Potterheads. I cannot express my excitement enough. 24 days of magical Harry Potter mystery. Will you get a wreath? A gift? Who knows? But you know what it will be? Amazing.