Pixar Just Unveiled A New 'Onward' Trailer & It Looks Delightfully Bizarre

If you're like me, then you're practically counting down the days until Frozen 2 hits theaters on Nov. 22. You might also be eyeing Spies in Disguise, which features a secret agent voiced by Will Smith who is turned into a pigeon. (Anything with Will Smith is worthy of a chance, in my opinion.) An animated film not on my radar until today: Onward. And the new trailer for Pixar's Onward just dropped on Thursday and I'm thoroughly intrigued.

"In times of old, the world was filled with wonder and magic," the official trailer, which was released on Oct. 10, begins. "But times change."

On Ian's 16th birthday, he and his brother Barley are gifted a wizard's staff that will bring their father back for one whole day. But, things go a little haywire and somehow, only their dad's legs are magicked back into existence.

"We only have 24 hours to bring the rest of him back," Barley declares as they set off on their epic quest. The brothers — and their father's legs — then embark on their journey and from the looks of the rest of the official trailer, it looks like a wild ride.

If you watched the trailer and you were all like, "Wait, those voices sound familiar?" allow me to clue you in on the stars: Ian Lightfoot (the younger brother) is voiced by Tom Holland, according to IMDb, while the older brother Barley Lightfoot is played by Chris Pratt. (Yep the two Avengers co-stars are teaming up again!) Meanwhile, their mother Laurel Lightfoot is voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, aka Elaine from Seinfeld. You can plan on hearing the voice of Octavia Spencer, too.

As quirky as the trailer makes the movie seem, the story itself has the potential to be a tear-jerker. I mean, two brothers trying to find the magic to bring back the father they lost for a day? *Sobs*

Even the voice actors got emotional after reading the script. "It is really moving. Dan [Scanion,] who wrote and directed the film ... it's a very personal story for him. It's loosely based on something in his own life with him and his brother," Chris Pratt said in an interview with Good Morning America. "They lost their dad at a young age and found these tapes — audio recordings — of his dad's voice... And so he thought what would it be like for these two young brothers to be this close to seeing their dad. And they go on a quest to find the magic to finally get to meet their father that they lost."

When the teaser trailer for Onward dropped back in May, not much about the story was revealed — just that the movie took place in some sort of wacky, fairytale suburbia. Trolls, centaurs, unicorns, mermaids, gnomes, dragons, and more filled this world. (Except, the unicorns weren't nearly as majestic as they're typically portrayed; they were more like stray cats digging in the garbage.)

Now that I have a better feel for the plot line of Onward — thanks to this new official trailerI'm actually looking forward to the bizarre movie. You can bet I'm marking March 6 on the calendar. Because I'm definitely taking my four kiddos to watch Onward on the big screen when it hits theaters this spring.