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Every Working Parent Will Relate To Nick Lachey's Son Not Wanting Him To Do 'DWTS' Anymore

Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa are currently working on Season 25 of Dancing with the Stars, which requires a pretty huge time commitment that's already worn heavily on their young family. Apparently, as People reported on Tuesday, Nick Lachey's son doesn't want him to compete on Dancing with the Stars anymore, which is hard for any parent to hear. Vanessa and Nick have three children: 5-year-old Camden John, 2-year-old Brooklyn Elizabeth, and 10-month-old Phoenix. Camden was the one to put his foot down, and let his dad know he's had it up to here with all of this showbiz nonsense and is totally ready for things to return to normal.

Nick got especially candid while chatting to Access Hollywood on Tuesday about this show/family conflict. He explained the ins and outs of DWTS life, admitting "it’s a lot of time commitment ... but in the end it’s so worth it and it’s such an incredible challenge." For Nick, it's a challenge he's never been faced with before. "It’s not like anything I’ve ever done in my career and I’ve been very blessed to do a lot of things," the 98 Degrees crooner told Access Hollywood.

But, these new experience have come at a cost. “My son said to me the other day, he’s like, ‘Daddy, I don’t want you to dance anymore,'" he told the outlet. "It broke my heart because you wish you could spend more time with your kids, obviously.” Who wants to break the news to Camden that they're not even halfway through the season yet?

“It’s a lot of time," Nick told Access Hollywood, which is something he's admitted time and time again. "It’s a lot of rehearsals every day and then it’s all the packages and the interviews and the things you have to shoot outside of rehearsal. So to have both parents fully engaged in this whole thing, it’s been tough."

As if learning new types of dancing each week isn't enough, the commitment extends even further, both for Nick and for Vanessa, as they have a ton of extra press and shooting to get through.

Vanessa's admitted that it's a struggle to find balance. On Tuesday morning, she posted an Instagram post-DWTS performance, explaining just how hard it is to parent and star on a TV show simultaneously. "What a week it's been," she wrote on Instagram. "Three sick kiddos. A fun quick trip to NYC for the premiere of Top Chef JR. ...When it was all over."

She continued, "my son said, 'Mommy, can I dance with You?' I melted! Of course Buddy! Always and Forever!!!" It seems like Camden's OK with mom twirling on stage as long as she's donning a super cool, Snow White costume.

And Vanessa's equally committed to making the most out of the experience. “I do everything in my life for my kids and for my husband, but this is an opportunity for me to kind of do something for myself," she said during Season 25's premiere, according to People.

In another interview with INSIDER, Nick admitted that he's "[felt] like an absentee father to an extent because [he's] been so busy with the show." Though Nick and Vanessa are making it work, it's weighed heavy on their children. But, there's a definitely bright side to the experience, as Nick explained:

I think as parents you want to at least try to provide a good example to your kids. So yeah, I feel like a complete hypocrite if I'm telling [my son] to try new things and not be afraid and I'm shying away from doing a dancing show for Pete's sake.

Well, Camden, it'll all be over soon and you'll have your mom and dad back in no time. And on top of that, they'll be able to teach you a ton of cool dance moves to impress your friends with later on.

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