Rick Rowell/ABC

Things Heat Up Between Nick & Corinne... Almost

The tale of Corinne's "platinum vagine" is one of the most hyped sneak peeks on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, and on the island of Bimini, we finally get to see her follow through on her promise. But Nick rejects Corinne's advances on The Bachelor out of fairness to the other women, much to her disappointment.

Corinne was already feeling nervous because it's Week 7 and she still hasn't gotten a one-on-one date. Not only that, but other women are starting to go on their second one-on-one dates, while she's left behind as "queen of the group dates." To be fair, Corinne does mange to "steal" a lot of time with Nick — possibly more cumulative time than any contestant has ever gathered up in stolen moments in the history of The Bachelor. So it's not super surprising that Nick hasn't really felt the need to go out with her one-on-one to get to know her better. But after Raven received the group date rose, solidifying her position among the hometown dates, Corinne really started to panic. So, she did what she does best: tried to steal more time with Nick. The night after her group date, she got dressed up and snuck into Nick's hotel room.

He invited her in for a drink and they chatted for a bit before she dragged him into the bedroom, away from the cameras. (Of course, they still have mics on, so we could hear everything.) We heard them start to fool around and Nick admited to finding Corinne very attractive, but he eventually shut down whatever was going on in there, citing that he's "made mistakes in the past." (presumably, having sex with Kaitlyn Bristowe outside the confines of fantasy suites). Corinne is left very, very shocked and, for really the first time in the season, we see her anxiety start to get the better of her as she's thrown for a loop.

Nick told Corinne that it would be unfair to the other women, who are playing by commonly observed Bachelor rules regarding physical intimacy, for them to take advantage of sneaking off together. Basically, Corinne is going to have to wait until fantasy suites to have sex, just like everybody else. But Nick has been unpredictable for the past couple of weeks, often ditching cocktail parties and rose ceremonies in favor of surprise breakups. He let Kristina go unexpectedly, leaving him with the customary four women for hometown dates. But the episode ended with what looks like him gearing up to send someone else home. It's really unclear what's going to happen from here on out, which probably isn't helping Corinne feel any more sure of herself.