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Nicole & Corey Showmance Videos From 'Big Brother 18' That Prove He's More Than A Rebound

Although Nicole started this season of Big Brother stating she wanted to stay single and focus on her game, it looks like Nicole is now a bit distracted. The Nicole and Corey showmance (now nicknamed "Nicorey") seems to be in full swing now and fans seem to be divided on whether or not they support it. Nicole is well known for her relationship with Hayden Voss, Nicole's fellow houseguest in Season 16, but the two broke up before Nicole returned to the Big Brother house for Season 18. Some fans could say Nicole is just rebounding with Corey but there's multiple videos that prove the Nicole/Corey showmance on Big Brother is more than just a rebound.

Nicole has admitted in the Diary Room that she's very attracted to Corey and even in the first episode she said she chose him for her team because he looked strong but also hot. These two are always flirty with each other, cuddling and grabbing at each other constantly. Hey, nothing wrong with that — there's no shame in the showmance game. They just can't keep their hands off each other, but unfortunately for them, a lot of the other houseguests have taken notice, making them targets. Even though having a showmance isn't the best idea, Nicorey is very cute and here are just a few videos that prove that.

They're Cuddle Sessions

Corey can't really fit in the bumper car but it's cute that he tries.

Their Handshake

You wouldn't make a handshake with just anyone.

They Play Around With Each Other

Gotta love how James got involved.

Nicole Thinks Corey Is "Handsome"

And then tries to deny it in the cutest way. Aw!

Corey Doesn't Want Nicole Mad At Him

Like any good boyfriend would do.