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Nicole Polizzi Visited Her "Meatball Nephew" & Brought A Gift For Deena Cortese

Meeting a friend or family member's baby for the first time can be so exciting. Because let's face it: Baby snuggles are pretty much the best. (And they're even better when you can hold that little bundle for a while, soak in their tiny perfection, and then hand them back off to mom and dad.) As much as everyone loves to fawn over a brand new baby, sometimes visitors forget about spreading some love to the new parents. But one Jersey Shore star definitely didn't. That's because Nicole Polizzi visited her "meatball nephew" and brought the best gift for new mom Deena Cortese.

If you remember, Cortese welcomed her first child with husband Chris Buckner last month, according to Us Weekly. "Christopher John Buckner (CJ) born January 5th at 4:41 pm at a whopping 20.5 inches..6 Lb 8.5 ounces," the new mom wrote on Instagram, alongside a handful of adorable photos. "Uhg mommy and daddy love you so much CJ .. you’re our everything!" Since then, Cortese has shared many more photos of and updates about her baby boy. And it looks like he recently had another "first."

On Wednesday, Feb. 27, both Jersey Shore stars shared via Instagram that Polizzi had met baby CJ for the first time. Polizzi marked the occasion with a photo of herself holding Cortese's little guy, writing, "My meatball newphew 💙🙏🏽."

Polizzi also shared a series of videos and photos on her Instagram Story on Wednesday — revealing that she basically traded McDonald's for baby snuggles. "Came to see my meatball today and meet CJ," Polizzi says in one video clip, while showing off a couple of McDonald's bags. "Yeah, McDonald's party! ... Meatball party."

In another clip, Polizzi announces, "Look who I have — hi, CJ!" while zooming out from a shot of Cortese holding her little guy.

Polizzi wrapped up her Instagram Story with a close-up of a snoozing baby CJ. (Awww.)

Mama Cortese shared a shot of Polizzi and CJ on her Instagram Story, too. "Aunt Nicole came to visit," she wrote, along with a photo of her son fast asleep on Snooki's chest.

If you remember, Polizzi is currently expecting a baby of her own — baby number three, to be exact. So in a few months, both she and Cortese will have new additions to their families. And apparently, the Jersey Shore stars are already planning for their babies to be BFFs. "We’re hoping both are the same gender so they’ll be best friends," Cortese told Life & Style magazine in December. "And if not, maybe they’ll date!"

It'll be interesting to see if this plan for their babies ends up happening. Whether or not there's ultimately another generation of Jersey Shore BFFs, Polizzi definitely knows the "golden rule" of visiting new parents: Bring food and/or coffee, offer to do something around the house for them, or offer to hold the baby while they take a shower. Basically, do something that's actually helpful. Because as much as visitors love baby cuddles — and as much as new parents love showing off their babies — entertaining an endless stream of visitors while caring for a newborn is exhausting. So you might as well make yourself useful in exchange for those irresistible baby snuggles, right?