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Snooki Expertly Claps Back At Someone Shaming Her New Bump Photo

Some pregnant women show early on, others don't. Some women gain a lot of weight while pregnant, others only gain a little. Every body, and every pregnancy is different. And while I shouldn't have to explain this to anyone in 2019, apparently not everyone gets it, as evidenced by Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's response to someone shaming her bump size. In her response, the Jersey Shore star also gave a voice to the frustrations of expectant mothers everywhere who have heard a few too many comments about their bellies.

Polizzi announced back in November that she is expecting her third child, according to E! News. Since then, she has been regularly sharing updates on her growing meatball with her legion of followers. And while many of them are happy to be let in on Snooki's experience, some can't resist the temptation to nitpick and shame.

On Thursday, she posted a photo of herself and her daughter, Giovanna Marie LaValle, that shows of the mom-to-be's changing body. "Baby is cooking! We can’t wait to meet you," she captioned the photo, along with the hashtag #SissyIsObsessed. And while many of her followers commented to share their congratulations, a few posted criticism.

One user in particular decided to bump shame Snooki. "I don't get it lol," they wrote. "Where is the belly cause of the tons of pics she's done posted [sic] already I see no belly at least not one big enough to be taking pregnant girl poses like hand over the imaginary baby bump lol."

But Snooki wasn't about to ignore that.

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Snooki responded to the commenter, expressing ownership of her pregnancy journey:

I'm 22 weeks and definitely showing. Just because it's not to your standards doesn't mean I can't enjoy my pregnancy photos and enjoying this journey. Not cute to be judged and evaluate everything.

She later shared the interaction to her Instagram Story, asking the important question of why her followers won't let her live. "Why can't i live tho? Shytttt," she wrote over the screenshot.

Unfortunately, bump shaming is an all too common experience. Celebrities, in particular, are often scrutinized to the point of shaming for the way their bodies look while pregnant. Kate Middleton was accused of not being "pregnant enough," according to Health Line, and Meghan Markle has been shamed for showing too much.

Not all of Snooki's commenters were so judgmental. In fact, many of them leapt to her defense. One pointed out that pregnancy looks different on different women, writing: "Your belly may not be as big as someone else’s, but every body is different. And you look amazing!"

As Polizzi said, her pregnancy is her own. She has every right to enjoy it as she sees fit and one of her followers pointed that out in the comments. "It was one of my favorite parts of pregnancy...the pictures of the journey through all nine months! Miss it every time I see all the pictures! You are a beautiful mama!" the fan commented.

My first "bumpdate" with my daughter came at exactly 12 weeks. No one but my husband, my OB-Gyn, and myself could have possibly guessed I was pregnant until I said something. But I enjoyed that little bump-less "pregnancy photo shoot" as much as I did my actual maternity shoot.

Snooki has spoken openly about her worries about conceiving again, according to People, so it is no surprise that she is savoring every moment of this journey. Once again, for everyone in the back, I'll say it: every pregnancy is unique to the person experiencing it and there is no "right size" for a growing belly. Let Snooki live!