Night King Theories On 'Game Of Thrones' You Need To Know For Season 6

Season 6 of Game of Thrones is giving viewers insight into the series that there has yet to be an episode that wasn't monumental thus far. In the most recent episode, information about how the Night's King came to be was revealed, so the theories about the Night King in Game of Thrones were inevitable. But, it's no surprise that we've been given a chance to see some of his origin story, considering Bran has been warging back and forth into the past and present. We were given glimpses into the past regarding the Tower of Joy, along with learning about Hodor's beginnings, so what else is there to learn from the past that could explain the present — specifically theories about the Night King?

What we knew about the Night King up until last Sunday's episode was that he is the nearly indestructible ruler of the terrifying army of white walkers. Oh, and that he apparently takes some sort of joy in watching the fear in Jon Snow's face as new members of his white walker army rise by the minute. Like literally, rise up from the ground where they'd just been dead moments before. But, with all of the character development so far in Season 6 of Game of Thrones, it only makes sense that we get some sort of back story of the Night King, if only in tiny shots, to fuel the theories about the Night King.

He is, after all, the leader of the army that will either force the Westeros armies together or fight each one in single battles, one by one. If this was a wrestling match, the Night King would be The Undertaker and everyone else would be surprise guests sliding into the ring once the wrestlers before them got knocked out.

But, as we wonder about who the Night King is and whether or not we'll get any more insights into his life as human, the Night King theories are already floating around, and these are some of the more important ones for you to either hardcore get behind or just entertain. What else are you going to do between episodes, right?

He Was A Former Lord Commander Of The Watch

A popular theory about the Night King, thanks to lore told in the books, is that the Night King is actually a former Lord Commander. The 13th to be exact, so pretty freaking old. But it makes sense, since Castle Black is right there by The Wall and the White Walkers are beings meant to stay just beyond it.

The Night King Was A Stark

The Lord Commander theory could go along with this one, claiming that the Night King was a Stark somehow. It wouldn't be the craziest thing, since Jon Snow went on to join the Night's Watch, just as Ned's brother Benjen before him. The Starks run the North, right? So it would definitely make sense that a Stark would go on to become the Night King.

He Fell In Love With A White Walker

Whether or not the theory about the Night King being a former Lord Commander is true, a theory about him falling in love with a white walker woman is another option to consider. The theory is that he found a cold, white as snow woman and made her his wife, which ended up angering the children of the forest since, clearly, they aren't too keen on the white walker army.

The Night King's "Mark" Will Bring Down The Wall

Remember when Bran (Oh Bran, reallllly?) got so close to the Night King in Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones that the white walker king touched him? And then, that touch became known as the Night King marking him? Yeah, it may also be the thing to finally force the white walkers through — or over — The Wall. Until now, the 800 foot wall has been what kept Westeros safe from the wrath of the white walkers. But if the Night King just has to go after anyone he marks, then it would make sense for him to have to go through the wall to get to Bran, should he make his way back to Winterfell. (Which he should absolutely do.)