Nike PLAYlist Inspires Your Kids To Explore The Joy Of Movement — Zero Gym Equipment Required


If there was ever a moment in time where parents needed some extra support, it’s right now. The pandemic burnout is as real as the cabin fever at this point, and nothing remedies that quite like getting outdoors to play and take in some fresh air. After all, sports and activities help keep kids happy, focused, and centered in a time of constant change. It gets the blood pumping and the excitement and endorphins flowing, and couldn’t we all use a little more of that?

But after months of making the most of this interrupted lifestyle, many of us are running low on ideas for shaking things up. And while that’s understandable, there’s no need to be couch-bound when there are resources like Nike PLAYlist in your corner! The episodic sports show is just for — and hosted by — kids, encouraging them to express themselves through fun, meaningful activities that speak directly to them. Get ideas from the series, and let them inspire your own creativity, too!

While much of the Nike PLAYlist is sports-oriented, it also weaves in plenty of ideas for movement without the need for anything other than a positive, playful attitude and a bit of open space. All it takes is imagination, comfy sneakers, and some play-ready clothes. No matter where your kids are experiencing the fall season, they can feel cozy and confident in Nike’s back-to-school looks — ready to make the most of active time spent right in your own backyard or living room.

Impromptu Dance Parties

There’s nothing like a good dance session, whether it’s choreographed and recorded for social media or freeform and just for the sheer pleasure of it. Nike PLAYlist encourages dancing through their high-energy Shake-Ups segment — and takes it a step further by mixing in some drop squats, front leg lifts (called “tin soldiers”), and back leg lifts (called “airplanes”). Not only will your little style-setter be camera-ready if they so choose, but they’ll be free to move about in a style that complements this spirited activity. (Continue watching the segment for Dylan Alcott's cool table tennis activity, too!) Either way, these fun new games are sure to shake things up.

Silly Wall Sit Hangouts

Whether they’re going head-to-head with a parent, caretaker, or sibling, plan a game-ified interview to get to know each other better (just like NBA Pro Center Rudy Gobert and Tyreese in this entertaining PLAYlist clip). Take turns asking fun and silly personality questions while doing a wall sit — for a combined 60 seconds on the wall. Dressed in comfy, stylish pieces, your kids will have so much fun, they'll forget they're exercising, too.

Anthony Davis’ Sports Lab exercise

You might see a park, backyard or living room, but help them see the free throw line on the basketball court. Take a cue from basketball star Anthony Davis' Sports Lab: Throwback, and place a bottle cap on the ground. Using a basketball (or small plush toy, if indoors), stand six feet away and see who can hit the cap first. Kids will enjoy meeting the creative challenge, while keeping up in lightweight activewear and sneakers that support free movement.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Yoga

Rock, paper, scissors is a timeless way to play, but what happens when you mix in yoga moves? Watch hosts Sky and Ocean challenge each other in this episode's shake-ups, substituting the usual "rock," "paper," and "scissors" moves with their best downward dogs, high planks, and one-leg downward dogs. No matter what, your kids will have plenty of fun in signature althleisure with bold splashes of color to match the brightest personalities.