Nike's New Sneaker Subscription Service For Kids Gives Back In A Big Way

If shoe shopping for your kids feels like a never-ending task, then there's a new service created to keep up with even the fastest of growers. Nike's Adventure Club is a sneaker subscription for kids that's designed to take some of the pressure off parents. New shoes arrive in the mail on a set schedule, so your kid always has a pair of kicks at the ready. Best of all, your kid can pick from a giant selection of Nike and Converse styles.

The first sneaker club for kids, Nike's Adventure Club is an on-demand shoe subscription service that keeps kids in fresh footwear as long as necessary. There are three frequency options for the service. At $20 per month, kids receive new shoes and activities every 90 days, for a total of four pairs of shoes in a year. At $30 per month, kids receive new shoes every 60 days for 6 pairs by the end of the year. And at the $50 per month level, kids get a new pair of shoes every 30 days, for a total of 12 pairs in the full calendar year. Subscription plans can be upgraded, downgraded, or paused at any time, which is great for dealing with those sudden growth spurts. Sizes will fit kids 2 through 10 years old (or sizes 4c through 7Y). Plus, exchanges are free in case your kid needs a different size or simply doesn't like the style of shoe.

And speaking of style, your kid will be spoiled for choice with this service. Kid-sized versions of the Air Force 1 '06, Star Runner 2, Air Max 1, and the Flex Runner are all available, as well as a whole collection of other popular Nike models. Plus, there are a ton of different Converse styles available as well, including the classic Chuck Taylor style in a whole rainbow of colors. Honestly, don't be surprised if your kid becomes something of a sneakerhead.

Nike Adventure Club

But the shoes aren't the only thing that's included in this subscription. Each box also comes with the Nike Adventure Club Guide, a cool printout filled with ideas for adventurous games and activities. Each guide is designed to get you and your kids moving around, playing, and exploring the world.

And when your kid's shoes are worn out or too small, there's a plan for that, too. Nike's Adventure Club will send out a special prepaid return bag for your used shoes. Those that are in good condition will be refurbished and donated to families in need, and the rest recycled through Nike Grind where they will get repurposed into running tracks, gym floors, playground floors, or other surfaces, so the adventure for your kids shoes will live on. Those playground floors might even turn up in one of the new playgrounds Nike is committed to building per year in partnership with KaBoom, a non-profit organization which aims to provide tools and equipment to communities, to offer more opportunities for kids to play.

So if you want to choose from over 100 different sneaker styles, skip mall trips, and support the importance of play for children all over, consider Nike's Adventure Club.