Nikki Haley Wears Jeans To State Of The Union Response? Her Rehearsal Photo Brought Up Some Interesting Questions

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley will deliver the response to President Barack Obama's seventh and last State of the Union address Tuesday night. Haley, a Republican, made the news quite a bit in the last year for her efforts to remove the Confederate flag from state house grounds after photos of Dylann Roof, who is accused of killing nine people in a Charleston church, showed him posing with the flag. The SOTU response is a serious event, just like the SOTU, but Nikki Haley wore jeans during her SOTU rehearsal on Tuesday, and people were very confused.

(Update: Haley chose to change before her real response — but, then again, we couldn't see what pants she was wearing...)

Some people speculate that Haley stepped up on issues like removing the Confederate flag and helping unite Charleston and South Carolina after it was ravaged by Roof, who claimed that he shot up a historic, black church in the city to "start a race war," according to Newsweek. Haley attended the funerals of most of the victims Roof allegedly killed, and she spoke in support of the community. The Washington Post even included her on it's list of the most notable governors of 2015. For all those reasons, and now because Haley will be giving the SOTU response, the Post and others believe that she may be trying out for the position of vice president.

Which is why her jeans outfit during her SOTU rehearsal is even funnier and more confusing. I mean, I'm all for comfort, and maybe she didn't know she'd be on camera for that, but... jeans?!

I mean, the tweet says "Nikki Haley prepares," so it seems like that might actually be what she's wearing. It's obviously not that big of a deal, and, no, I'm not criticizing her just because she's a woman. If a Republican male was sitting there in jeans or a plaid shirt (or something else hilariously casual), then I would call him out too.

Maybe she's aware that Republican voters want someone relatable and they're tired of "establishment" candidates. So, maybe the jeans are an attempt at looking less establishment-y? She could've done a nice suit or something, especially if this is her try out for the vice presidency. Come on, Nikki, what's going on?

I'm being melodramatic. But, still. It will be interesting to see if she wears the jeans for the actual event...or for her potential nomination as a vice presidential candidate.

Image: Sean Rayford/Getty Images News