Nintendo Switch Predictions Include A Touchscreen & Claims That It Will Replace the 3DS

Ever since the trailer for Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo's upcoming gaming console, was released earlier this month, fans everywhere have been excited about the potential for this new system. Most of the excitement is because Nintendo Switch is both a portable and at-home gaming system. While details about the console won't be revealed until January, fans have stepped in with their own thoughts and worries about the product. Here are some Nintendo Switch predictions and questions from the gaming industry and fans.

Many fans are wondering if the Switch will have touchscreen capabilities, a question many had well before the preview trailer for the Switch had been released. After seeing the trailer, gaming experts and fans noticed that the right Joy-Con controller has a glossy panel, according to Kotaku. Gaming writer Laura Kate Dale confirmed with sources at Ubisoft that the panel is an infrared pointer, which should allow gamers to use the touchscreen even when the Switch is in its dock.

Then there's the price. Some gamers are expecting the console to come in at a hefty price. IGN released a Twitter poll asking users how much they think the Switch will cost, and the most popular response is $200-$299, with $300-$399 not far behind. Bloomberg reported that financial analyst David Gibson predicts that the Switch will cost $250. Nintendo announced that the price of the Switch won't be revealed until January, along with the product's official launch date and more spec details.

Some fans are more concerned about how the Switch's arrival will affect other game consoles. Many gamers are worried that Nintendo will stop supporting the handheld 3DS, as Nintendo has done in the past when new consoles are developed.

Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima confirmed in an interview with Bloomberg Japan that the company will continue to produce software for the 3DS. "The Switch differs from 3DS, so we will continue to develop games intended for 3DS," he said. Still, fans are skeptical.

Very skeptical.

Perhaps the biggest concern is how strong the battery life of the Switch will be if it's handheld. Forbes noted that, since the Switch has to be powerful enough to run both as a portable device and at home, the battery life might be compromised. Polygon came up with a similar concern by noting that there are visible vents on the Switch, which suggests it will heat up — and while that's great for playing games, it may not be as great for the battery life. If the battery life isn't strong enough, that will be the ultimate deal-breaker for gamers who are on the fence about whether they want to buy the Switch.

Still, not all fans are worried — many are excited to see what the first titles released on the Switch will be.