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North West Is Psyched About Her Little Brother, Says Kim, & Here Are 5 Ways She's Gonna Rock As A Big Sis

by Alana Romain

There’s only a little bit of time left to go until the birth of baby boy Kardashian-West (please call him East, please call him East), and according to Kim, North can’t wait to meet her little brother. The reality star spoke to E! News about trying to prepare North for a sibling (which, as any mom who’s gone from one kid to two will know is no small feat!), and luckily for Kimye, it sounds like it’s going well so far. "We talk about baby brother all the time," Kim said. “She's so sweet and yesterday she said, ‘Mommy, can I give baby brother a kiss on your tummy?' and she kissed my stomach.”

But like pretty much every other 2-year-old in the world, little Nori has still had her share of jealous moments: According to Kim, North gets upset when she holds other babies, and doesn’t always understand why mom can’t pick her up on demand like usual. Being eight months pregnant with a busy toddler at home isn’t easy for anyone, and I guess it’s strangely comforting to know that not even Kim Kardashian can avoid the challenges of having a growing family. But even with the ups and downs of adjusting to a new baby, it seems like North will be an awesome big sister — at least, according from what we’ve seen on Kim K’s Instagram.


She's Super Loving

North might still be an only child right now, but she’s had plenty of experience bonding with other kids thanks to all the time she spends with her cousins, Mason, Penelope and Reign. Surely there must be some kind of toddler rivalry every now and then that doesn’t get captured on camera, but for the most part it seems like North and Co. is one big, adorable happy family. I can't wait to see all of the cute brother and sister posts that will inevitably populate Kim's Instagram feed.


You Know She's Going To Dress Him Up

Not only is North West a total mini-fashionista, but she loves pretend dress-up play too. In fact, most of Nori’s appearances on Kim’s IG show her in some kind of costume: a ballerina, Elsa from Frozen, an adorable mermaid. She definitely seems to have a flair for the dramatic, and as every big sister knows, there is pretty much nothing better than having a younger sibling to force outfits on. Once little East West (sorry, can’t help it) gets a little older, you know she’s going to have him parading around in costume according to whatever game she’s decided they’re playing.


She's A Social Butterfly

My two year old has a pretty big personal space bubble when it comes to other kids (she’s independent, OK?), but North is all about the hugs and hand holding, and she doesn’t shy away from meeting new people. While I’m sure Ellen Degeneres is pretty hard to not like, North didn’t seem to have any hesitation teaching her how to brush her My Little Pony’s hair, which will set a great example for her little brother that he doesn’t have to be afraid or shy.


She'll Be His Partner In Crime

North totally seems like the type of girl who knows how to get what she wants, but having an accomplice will only up her game. Need someone to create a diversion while you sneak into the cookie jar? She’ll have your back. Mom and Dad have hid the Halloween candy? She’ll mastermind a plan to find it again. And when she gets caught, she’ll know to give her sweetest, most innocent-looking face to weasel her way out.


She'll Teach Him Everything She Knows

As the big sister, North will be her brother’s role model, and younger siblings often pick skills up quickly because they have someone to look up to. He’ll hear her chatting away, see her running and walking and using a fork and going pee on the potty, and without even realizing it, she’ll become one of his first, and best, teachers.

No matter how much a younger sibling loves mom and dad, there isn’t much that compares to the adoration kids have for their big sisters or brothers. It might not always be the easiest relationship (especially when they’re kids), but I think it’ll definitely be a special bond (and one that will hopefully be captured for eternity on social media and reality television for all the world to see).

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