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North West's Name Ideas For Her New Pups Pay Homage To This Tasty Cuisine

It's no secret North West is one of the coolest celeb kids around. From North's impeccable dancing skills to her incredible sense of confidence, she's bound to take over the world one day. And if North West's name ideas for her new puppies are any indication, she has great taste in food, too.

Kim took to Instagram Friday to announce the arrival of two new dogs to her family — a duo of Pomeranians. In her message, the reality star also revealed that the pups, one black and one white, are in need of some cool monikers.

The only problem? The names need to somehow connect to their prior Pomeranian, Sushi. That's a tough act to follow, no?

“North came up with names that go with their other Pomeranian Sushi,” wrote Kardashian, who, along with North, 6, shares Saint, 3, Chicago, 1, and 4-month-old Psalm with husband Kanye West. “She wants white baby girl to be named Saké and the black baby boy either Soba (Noodle) or Soy Sauce. Please comment below any ideas you have!!!!" Kardashian posted.

Fans were eager to chime in, with smart suggestions including "Yin and Yang" and "Salt and Pepper," but what stands out to me here is North's refined palate. And although North isn't drinking any Sake, obviously, it's pretty neat she knows about this Japanese drink. Sake, after all, "was first cultivated in Japan over 2000 years ago," according to Eat-Japan.

Plus, the fact that North can differentiate between different types of noodles is pretty cool. I'm not sure many kids know the difference between soba and udon noodles, for example.

Of course, this could also be one of those family things, like the fact that my dad and I share a passion for salads with beets. Kylie Jenner previously revealed that 1-year-old Stormi already loves sushi and related side dishes, like edamame, so it's possible a love for Japanese food runs in the family.

Oh, and do you remember when Kim made sushi hotdogs for her kids? Talk about a culinary delight.

Kim's knack for raising little foodies aside, this isn't the first time North has named a pet. Kim revealed back in 2017 that North had some great ideas for her pooch's name (assuming this was when doggie Sushi was born and before the pup's name was finalized), including "Peachy Pop," "Baby Jesus," "Cutie Pie" or "Goldie," according to MTV. Not bad for a kid who was only 4 at the time!

The idea behind putting North on naming duty was to help her eldest child learn responsibility, according to People. “Kim thought it was a good idea for North to take care of a puppy. It could prepare her for baby sibling too." Going off this logic, the new puppy will do the same for North, Saint, and Chicago now that Psalm has joined the family.

So it remains to be seen what North and her family decided on name-wise for their new pups, but I have a feeling whatever they choose will make me hungry. Congrats on the new puppies, Kardashian-West fam!