Woman in maternity clothes on couch with dog
Courtesy of Nuuly

Now You Can Rent Maternity Clothes From Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters #Blessed

When you’re pregnant, there are certain occasions (oh you know, like work) where leggings and an oversized tee just aren’t going to cut it. It can be tough to find cool, comfy maternity clothes that don’t break the bank, but that doesn't have to be the case anymore: With clothing rental company, Nuuly, you can rent maternity pieces each month. It's genius, really.

Nuuly, which launched earlier this year, is the clothing subscription service from URBN, the parent company of Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban Outfitters. The service offers clothing from the three namesake labels, but also from brands that you can find within those stores, like Paige, AG Jeans, and Yumi Kim.

For $88 a month, you can rent six styles, which breaks down to an absolute steal of about $14.70 per piece. Now with the maternity launch “customers can mix and match their Nuuly boxes, pairing ‘maternity friendly’ pieces from brands they already love, with dedicated maternity styles (particularly denim) from brands like Citizens of Humanity, Paige and DL1961,” according to a press release from the company.

If you love something in one of your boxes and you want to keep it, you still have the option to buy it, often at a discounted price. “The level of discount will be determined by a number of factors, including overall demand for that item and how many times the garment has been rented previously. Shoppers will be able to login to their account and very easily see the purchase price for any of their rented items,” Sky Pollard, Head of Product at Nuuly, tells Romper in an email.

The one caveat is that if something doesn’t fit right or if you just don’t love the way it looks, you don’t have the option to swap it out for something else before the month is over. Considering many of the maternity denim options retail in stores for over $200 (it's wild, I know), the Nuuly subscription still seems to me like a great deal. Maternity specific styles are offered in waist sizes 24-32 and 2-14.

While many of the tops and dresses on Nuuly are not specifically designated as “maternity”, there are still plenty of bump-friendly options to choose from: think flowy tops, maxi dresses, loose sweaters, and swingy coats. The non-maternity line is available in sizes 00-26.

Beyond being a fun and cost effective way to try out new brands and trends, the service is a chic way to reduce your footprint. Each year, “Americans… throw away 13 million tons of textiles," according to 2016 reporting done by PBS. Subscription services keep clothes (especially those that have specific timeframes in which they can be worn, like resort wear or maternity items) out of landfills.

In addition to six pieces each month, you’ll get free two-day shipping and returns on every box. Each piece comes to you looking fresh and clean (no basementy thrift store smell here) and Nuuly handles all laundry and dry cleaning free of charge (and with zero judgment). “Wine stains, party fouls, paw prints, artistic kids with markers... We're experts in the chemistry of cleaning and sanitizing clothing while preserving the integrity of the fabric for the next renter,” per the Nuuly website. You can also pause your subscription for up three months at a time and re-subscribe at any time.

For all you expecting women out there, Nuuly's got your back (and your belly). Now good luck picking just six things in your first box.