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Obama's Election Night Message To Americans Shows People Are Anxious AF

As the polls were closing on the evening of Election Day, a voice came out from the ether — or internet — to offer some reassurance: President Obama's Election Night message to Americans was a nice reminder that "the sun will rise in the morning." The video message was also proof that even the sitting president understands how "weird" this election has been.

In the video message shared exclusively by BuzzFeed on the day of the election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Obama said it was probably "welcomed news" for most of us that the bitter battle would still be over. But with the answer to who will be the next president still unclear, anxiety levels for many Americans on both sides of the political spectrum were riding high. As Obama put it:

This has been an exhausting, stressful and sometimes downright weird election for all of us. But here's what I want everybody to know: While we've certainly seen some new things this time around, what isn't new is that our democracy has always been rowdy and raucous. We've been through tough and divisive elections before and we've always come out stronger for it. That's what makes America special, the idea that while progress isn't guaranteed, each of us has the power to choose our path, not just on nights like this, but everyday in between. It is a beautiful and fragile gift and we should treat it that way.
So whether your chosen candidates win or lose tonight, let's all agree not only to stay engaged, but to push ourselves to do even better. To vote not just when a president's on the ballot, but for Congress and mayor and school board and dog-catcher. To educate ourselves on the issues and to join with our neighbors in tackling the ones that face our communities. And, most importantly, to see each other not simply as Democrats or Republicans, but as fellow Americans. To treat each other with the respect and empathy and kinship that title, Americans, demands. That's especially true here on a place like Twitter, but it's something we can bring with us to everything we do online and off. We can choose to see the best in one another.
Have a good night everybody. And remember, no matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning and America will still be the greatest nation on earth.

As we nervously await results of the election, this is one time we sincerely mean it when we say: Thanks a lot, Obama.