Obama's Thanksgiving Dad Jokes Will Make You Miss Him Before He Even Leaves Office


The day before Thanksgiving, one very, very lucky turkey — out of the 46 million turkeys eaten on Thanksgiving Day — gets a reprieve from the chopping block with the annual presidential turkey pardon. President Obama has gleefully enjoyed this particularly presidential duty since he took office. This Thanksgiving marks Obama's seventh and final presidential turkey pardon before he leaves office in January. Obama's Thanksgiving dad jokes have been a White House tradition and he absolutely relished the moment Wednesday with a plethora of spectacular puns. The president's humor reminded me I am going to miss me some Barry somethin' fierce when he leaves office.

First, the set-up: "For the past seven years, I’ve established another tradition: Embarrassing my daughters with a “corny-copia” of dad jokes about turkeys," Obama began. He continued, "This year, they had a scheduling conflict. Actually, they just couldn’t take my jokes anymore. They were fed up." I love a good pun — I really do. And watching Obama's Rose Garden standup routine of epic Thanksgiving dad joke puns is quite a thing to behold. From "Yes We Cran" to the "gravy train to freedom," this presidential turkey pardon just might have been Obama's finest moment of pun-ditry. Here are some of this year's highlights from Obama's best Thanksgiving dad jokes.

Not Going Cold Turkey


Tater the Turkey is a Biden Bro


The Elephant, er, Turkey in the Room


Gobble, Gobble


Yes, We Cran


DAD STAAAHHHHPPP. Sasha and Malia may have had enough of your amazing Thanksgiving dad jokes, but I'm going to miss them terribly, President Obama. Here's the entire Thanksgiving presidential turkey pardon for your amusement.

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