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The Old Navy Online 50% Off Everything Sale Is Perfect Social Distance Shopping

If you're looking to update your quarantine wardrobe from sweats that you wore to classes in college to newer, cuter, leggings and sweats, Old Navy has you covered. That's because right now everything at Old Navy online is 50% off, and their stuff is better than ever.

I'm not going to lie, I haven't put on a real pair of pants in weeks, but I know that this won't last forever. Eventually, this nightmarish hell will be over, and we'll return to our normal lives as best we can. When that happens, the world will be expecting us to be wearing real pants, or a dress, or jeans, and yes, even the dreaded bra. Buying online for this outcome feels strangely hopeful. Like I'm saying, "I will need this absolutely adorable white midi dress for meetings and date nights." It is me saying to myself, "We will eventually have a normal life again."

Also, I'm going to buy more leggings and sweats because we have no idea when this is going to be over, and dang it, I'm going to be comfortable during my anxiety-fueled late night baking sprees. I mean, it's only fair. I cannot promise I'll wear a bra, though.

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1.Waist-Defined Striped V-Neck Midi Dress For Women

This is a glorious dress, right? Imagine when we can all leave our houses again and you wear this for drinks on a rooftop bar.

2.Maternity Chambray Popover Shirt

Pregnancy isn't waiting for the coronavirus. Might as well look cute in those selfies in front of the window.

Graphic Pajama Set

I love this pajama set. It's irreverent and fun.


Don't worry. There are a bunch of different patterns available.

Slim Ultimate Tech Shorts For Men With A 10-inch Inseam

Let's be honest, it will probably be shorts weather when we emerge from our cocoons. These are so chic and not "dad" like at all.

High-Waisted Secret-Slim Pockets Plus-Size Wide-Leg Stevie Pants

These are great with boots for a cool spring day, or a warmer spring day with heels or flats. I love them.

Faux-Leather Double-Buckle Sandals For Baby

These are so cute it's almost painful. Can you imagine a baby hopping around in these? Quick, someone buy these for their little and send me a pic. I need this cute in my life right now.

French Terry Cargo Street Joggers For Women

Just getting any pockets seems like a win. But extra pockets? That is winning all day, and probably all night as I'll likely fall asleep in them.