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Old Navy's Back-To-School 2018 Sale Is Overflowing With $2 Deals

There are very few things in this world that can be purchased for five bucks or less. A pack of gum, maybe? Or a cup of coffee (as long as it's not a fancy one). A sandwich would be pushing it, honestly. But thanks to Old Navy's current sale, you can now stock up on additions to your kid's wardrobe for less than you'd spend on lunch, with a shocking amount of items for as little as two dollars. So what are the best deals at Old Navy's Back-to-School Sale 2018?

From tanks to tees to shorts and flip-flops, the markdowns right now are so low, they're as close as you can get to straight-up complementary clothing. Whether you're thinking ahead to next summer (and buying everything one size up) or just snapping up some new lewks for that first month or so back at school when the temps are still at summertime highs, this sale is not to be missed. Seriously, if you waste this opportunity you'll definitely be sorry (especially when everything is full price again). Taking advantage of these discounts will save you so much cash in the long run, not to mention headaches over what your kid should wear in the morning — because everything on sale also happens to be stuff she'll totally want to wear.

Let's face it: You'll need all the extra money you can get to spend on school supplies, so get these deals while you can!

1Fitted Racerback Tank

Fitted Racerback Tank

Old Navy

Easy, breezy, and super soft, this tank comes in a variety of cheerful stripes and prints (so you should probably buy one of each).

2Printed Leggings

Printed Leggings

Old Navy

These comfy leggings (which come in a bunch of similarly tropical prints, plus stripes) are perfect for everyday wear with a tee or tank, or even under a sundress.

3Flip-Flops (For Girls)


Old Navy

Flip-flop season ain't over yet! Especially when they're going for just two bucks. The watermelon print pictured here is beyond adorable, but so are the other available prints (rainbows, strawberries, flowers).

4Uniform Pique Polo (For Girls)

Uniform Pique Polo

Old Navy

If your kid wears a uniform, you know how pricey those outfits can get. Skip the expensive uniform company offerings and pick up a bunch of these polos, available in white, black, navy, pink, and light blue.

5Built-In Flex Uniform Pique Polo (For Boys)

Built-In Flex Uniform Pique Polo

Old Navy

Speaking of uniform polos: Boys can get in on the savings, too! Not that you have to make these polos part of an official uniform, of course (the orange, dark purple, and vivid blue colors are perfect as play wear, too).

6Color-Blocked Pocket Tank

Color-Blocked Pocket Tank

Old Navy

So stylish and cool, and who doesn't love a pocket? Sleeveless is for sure the way to go when September feels like July.

7Graphic Crew-Neck Tee

Graphic Crew-Neck Tee

Old Navy

For some reason, graphic tees are oftentimes ridiculously overpriced. Not this one! Under $5, and it's just as hip as the ones that go for $35.

8Mid-Length Bike Shorts

Mid-Length Bike Shorts

Old Navy

One can never have too many pairs of stretchy bike shorts — and once again, you're going to want all the prints: sunglasses (pictured), watermelon, flowers, stars, and more.

9Flip-Flops (For Boys)


Old Navy

If your kids are the type who are constantly losing at least one flip-flop (and aren't all kids that type?), grab a couple of back-up pairs while they're still going for a handful of quarters.

10Softest V-Neck Tee

Softest V-Neck Tee

Old Navy

Kids love soft clothes, and this super cozy tee is extra cool thanks to the v-neck. Plus, it comes in white, black, bright blue, coral, charcoal, and turquoise!