Old Navy's Year-End Sale Includes Up To 50% Off *All* Jeans

by Cat Bowen

It's no secret that Old Navy has reliably good sales, but recently, they've been killing it harder than ever with their discounts on everything from heavy winter coats to baby onesies. Their post-holidays sales are amping up, so I found the best deals from Old Navy's 2019 year-end sales available in stores and online.

The sale begins now and runs through the first of the year. All of the jeans are 50% off, and the rest of the sales in the store will be selling at up to 75% off of the original price. If you're a parent, you know how big a deal this sale can be. Things like sweaters, hoodies, and tights are going to be crucial for the next several months, and kids either destroy or grow out of them at a rapid-fire pace. It's a great idea to buy a bunch now, in a range of sizes, so that you always have something available when you need it.

Also, if you've never worn their denim, their built-in sculpt jeans are a must. They lift and mold my legs and booty in a way that even the mightiest of Spanx has not been able to achieve. Plus, they are super comfy. When I wear them, I am living my best life.


Hooded Henley 2-Pack

Getting kids ready to go is made much easier when the whole outfit is just one piece. This hooded henley set with its adorable unicorn accents is exactly the easy breezy clothing Old Navy is famous for. Also, these things wash like a dream, and they're easy to open in the event of a diaper emergency.


Trapper Hat

I need to see all of the babies in this adorable trapper hat. Reminiscent of "Cousin Eddie" from Christmas Vacation, this hat will not only keep your baby's ears and head warm, but also keep you chuckling. It's only $7, but it's truly priceless.


Faux Suede Boots

I just bought these for my daughter, and will be picking them up in-store today. She's had the Old Navy version every year for a few years, and they are so warm and toasty. No, they aren't snow boots, but they are perfect for cold days.


Frost-Free Hooded Puffer Jacket

You can't go wrong with a puffer jacket, and this one is a steal at $19. The hood offers extra warmth, and it isn't overly bulky. Also, the simple style is great for older kids who don't like much adornment on their clothing.


A Simple Dress

This dress is sweet and simple, and that's what makes it so cute. I picture layering this dress with a furry vest, patterned leggings, and some knee-high boots. It will also be wonderful for the transition to spring wear, so keep that in mind when choosing sizes.


Fleece-Lined Jeans

When it gets really cold out, but you still need to let your child run around outside, these jeans make life easier. Lined with soft, warm fleece, they keep little legs cozy in the cold weather. Old Navy's fleece jeans are fully adjustable so they won't fall off in the middle of a trip down the slide.


Puffer Vest

Puffer vests are a sartorial choice I can get behind. They allow for a range of freedom of movement other jackets do not permit, yet they still keep the core nice and warm. Also, they just look cute.


Velour One-Piece

I mostly just want to see a baby in a tiny velour jumpsuit, so get on that. Also, this is a zipper one piece, so it's easy-on, easy-off. Thank all that is magical for zippers.