Please Watch This Old Video Of Princess Diana Full-On Sprinting If You Want To Smile

It's been more than 20 years since Princess Diana died, but her legacy continues to live on. People remember the Princess of Wales for her her commitment to charity, her devotion to her two sons, and her very jovial personality. So people will be so excited after seeing this old video of Princess Diana running at Prince Harry's school, which will make anyone fall in love with her even more than they already have.

Princess Diana will certainly not be forgotten, especially if there are super fun videos of her to exist on the internet. While people may remember Diana as a princess (and a member of the United Kingdom's royal family), at the end of the day, she was just a mom to her two sons — Prince William and Prince Harry. She did average things that average parents do, like run in a footrace at her youngest son's school.

An old video of Princess Diana running in a race at Prince Harry's school Sports Day in 1991 has resurfaced, and it is so much fun to watch. In the video, Princess Diana can be seen joining the other moms on the field and running in a race against them. Diana, wearing a mid-length khaki skirt and a long sleeved jacket, pumps her arms and runs towards the finish line, but narrowly misses first place.

Her commitment to running the race with the other moms and her attempt to win is so sweet and just a little too relatable. What mom hasn't gotten a little too into their kid's school activities just for the sake of having some fun? Princess Diana's smile on her face says it all — she's having such a good time.

Diana did have an upper hand in this competition — she had won the race at Prince William's Sports Day in 1989, according to the Telegraph. And clearly, she was very excited to defend her title.

In case people were not aware (especially from these videos), Princess Diana was keen on staying active, according to Cheat Sheet. She reportedly exercised often throughout the week and loved swimming. She also stayed active by dancing — while growing up, Diana reportedly wanted to be a professional ballet dancer, according to Harper's Bazaar, but was too tall to do it professionally. "She loved the freeness of being able to move and dance," Diana's former dance coach, Anne Allan, said in the documentary, Diana: In Her Own Words, according to The Sun.

You can tell that Diana got such joy from moving because she was so happy while running both races.

But she could have also been so happy because she was doing something for and with her sons. Princess Diana was so devoted to her kids and would break royal protocol because of it, according to ABC News. She brought her nine-month-old son on official royal duty outside of the United Kingdom because she wanted to spend time with him. She wanted to give her kids a normal life (and wanted to be a normal mom), according to ABC News, taking her sons to the movie theaters and allowing them to eat McDonald's.

This is why Diana was often referred to as "the people's princess" — she made it her mission to get on the same level as others and wanted to "instill a sense of normalcy" in her son's lives, according to PopSugar. She wasn't afraid to kick off her shoes and run a race at her son's school with the other moms. She just had fun with it. That is clear to see in both of these videos.