Karolina Wojtasik/Lifetime

This Exclusive 'MAFS: Happily Ever After' Clip Gets Real About Birth Plans

All three of the couples featured on Lifetime's Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After are in a unique position: after their whirlwind weddings on the original MAFS, they're expecting their first child. That gives Shawniece Jackson, Danielle Bergman, and Ashley Petta a lot to talk about, and in this exclusive clip they share everything that's on their minds about the milestone they're facing. On MAFS: Happily Ever After, Shawniece, Danielle, and Ashley bond over birth plans, and everything that comes with that.

The clip opens with all three women sitting down to tea while their respective partners hang out elsewhere. Shawniece has already welcomed her daughter Laura Denise Pierre with Jephte Pierre, and Ashley compliments her on how great she looks. Shawniece admits that she misses her baby, which prompts Danielle to joke that their husbands probably have no idea what to do with all three of their wives away. Shawniece laughs and says, "Wait 'til [Laura] starts crying," because she needs to be fed, and it immediately cuts to Laura wailing in Jephte's arms because she's hungry. The magic of editing at work.

Anthony D'Amico, Ashley's husband, wonders if Jephte ever gets totally overwhelmed by his crying baby. Jephte admits that Shawniece usually has the bottle prepared for such an eventuality, but he manages to quiet Laura all on his own. As she drifts off to sleep with a bow the size of a cabbage on her head, the clip returns to the moms' high tea.

That's when the conversation really gets going. Shawniece asks about the other women's birth plans; Ashley is five months along while Danielle is four. Ashley reveals that she already has everything worked out: her doctor is going to induce at 39 weeks, assuming she doesn't go into labor any earlier than that. Ashley's banking on the inducement plan, saying, "We will pick the day, and hopefully [the baby] doesn't come before that."

In a confessional segment, Ashley reiterates that she prefers being able to schedule the birth because she hates surprises. This way, she can be completely prepared for her daughter's arrival "at least six weeks in advance." Good luck with that!

Danielle, meanwhile, wishes she could just press fast-forward on the whole endeavor. She wants to do whatever is safest for her baby, but she does worry about the pain. According to her, she's "such a wuss." She intends to get an epidural to help with that, though she did ask her doctor if she could simply be put to sleep and woken up when it was all over. Though she was unequivocally told no, there is some terrifying historical precedent for that; Google the term "twilight sleep" if you want some real nightmare fuel.

After sharing all of their worries and hopes (and getting some support from each other), Shawniece offers her own experience. Though giving birth can be daunting, she assures them that everything will fade once they finally get to hold their daughters in their arms. "You forget about everything that happened before that moment," she says.

With everything these prospective moms are going through, it's nice that they can get together to talk it out — and receive some reassurance, too.

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