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Tia Mowry & Her Son Bake Christmas Cookies In This Exclusive 'Quick Fix' Clip

Tia Mowry's Quick Fix offers all kinds of tips and tricks from the former Sister, Sister star herself. Ahead of the holiday season, Mowry — as well as Kin Network's other celebrity collaborators, like Adrienne Bailon Houghton and Jordin Sparks — will share a few of her family traditions. In this exclusive clip from Tia Mowry's Quick Fix, Mowry and her son Cree Hardrict give you Christmas cookie tips, devising something very delicious-looking by the time they're done.

Kin Network has various lifestyle shows that run across Facebook Watch, YouTube, Instagram, and Amazon Prime. Starting on Nov. 27, they launched four weeks of holiday-themed episodes, which included the baking session with Mowry and Cree. The segment opens with Mowry explaining that one of her favorite holiday traditions is baking cookies, which she's going to do with her special guest, Cree. Though he seems a little camera-shy at first, a few jokes from his mom have him laughing in no time.

Cree also takes over the mixing of the batter, with some help from his mom. He pours in the pre-measured ingredients and gives them a stir while Mowry offers directions before each and every step. Soon enough, they're halfway through whipping up a batch of hot cocoa cookies.

Mowry punctuates the tutorial with family stories. According to her, Cree is a fantastic big brother to his baby sister Cairo, who was born in May of this year. When she asks what he does for his sister, Cree offers a list: he gets her pacifier when she needs it, retrieves her toys, delivers bottles, and gets "Mommy's pumping thing," which makes Mowry laugh. Cree is so helpful he even puts the used baking dishes in the sink with minimal hesitation.

"I would have to say that Cree is Cairo's favorite person," Mowry says, before checking with her son for confirmation. He agrees before correcting a family misconception: their dad Cory Hardrict believes Cairo likes him the best, but it isn't true. Big brother Cree is definitely her favorite. Mowry doesn't deny it, though she's clearly amused and points out that they don't want to hurt Cory's feelings. So they'll just keep this revel a secret between them and all the viewers.

By this point, it's time to add the chocolate chips (two varieties, because more chocolate is always good), which Cree does with suitably dramatic sound effects. Mowry decides to ask Cree whether she or Cory are better at making eggs, but his answer is a shocking twist. He throws Grandma's eggs into the mix, but ultimately won't pick between them. He's Switzerland in the Great Hardrict-Mowry Eggs Debate.

Once the dough has been formed into balls and chilled, Mowry and Cree add two tiny marshmallows that they fold inside each cookie until it's hidden. They dip the tops in crushed candy canes and bake. Soon there's an entire baking sheet of mint chocolate cookies with gooey marshmallow centers. Cree happily devours them, announcing, "I can eat these all day!" And they look so festive, I have a good idea what I'll be making for Christmas this year.

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