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One Mom Explains How She Maintained Her Social Life After Having A Kid


Raise your hand if, during your pregnancy, one of the most common knee-jerk reactions to your baby news was your friends (and, you know, total strangers) warning you about how having a baby marks the end of your social life? This is exactly what happened to Adrienne Wright when she shared the news of her pregnancy with her friends and coworkers. As well-meaning as most of their comments were ("Enjoy your job, because that's over," or "Enjoy your social life, because that's over."), Adrienne knew she had zero interest in deserting the life she'd built for herself — complete with a successful career, a happy relationship, and a buzzing social life. Instead, she entered motherhood with the goal of folding her daughter, Gray, into the life she loved.

Now, Gray is a passport-carrying frequent flyer who loves music and spending time out with her parents in their Brooklyn community. Although she's admittedly faced her own set of challenges, Adrienne is proof that trusting your own way as a parent is always what's best for both you and your baby, and we're proud to partner with Baby Dove in the video below to encourage moms everywhere to feel confident in their journey through motherhood.

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