One Of Two Twins Captured In Viral Photo Dies, & Here's How You Can Help The Parents

Newborn twins, who were captured touching for the first time outside of the womb, became a viral sensation after their parents shared the lovely snap online. Now, one of the two twins captured in the viral photo has died, and here's how you can help the parents.

“It's the first time they have ever touched and as soon as Mason felt Hawk he reached out for his arm and smiled this big,” the parents wrote in a Facebook post from Sept. 1 that has since gone viral, racking up more than 120,000 reactions. “We thought it was time for everyone pulling for our boy to see this picture.”

The image of these two precious twins, Hawk and Mason Buchmeyer, reunited and bringing each other comfort, was too touching to ignore. But it turns out there was more going on in that picture than just two sweet sleeping babies being reunited. Hawk was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia and was fighting for his life when the first image was taken. Now, sadly, the parents have announced their little one has died, despite undergoing several surgeries to try and save his life.

“Our hearts are saddened this morning as our sweet little man was called home to be with Jesus. He went very peacefully and we know he's no longer suffering,” the Buchmeyers wrote. “Please give us some time to grieve and try to start the healing process.”

According to ABC News, the boys were born on Aug. 18 at the University of Florida Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville. Thousands of people are going onto the family's "Mason & Hawk" Facebook page, originally meant to be a place where friends and family could catch up with the boys' development, to send their thoughts, prayers, and heartfelt condolences for the family's unimaginable loss.

One comment from Prashanth David Kuganathan summed up how many people are feeling about this family's heartbreak:

They say there is nothing harder than mourning the loss of your own child. I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling, but know that you have the positive thoughts, support and love of thousands around the world your little angel touched. He must have been too good for this cruel world.

Comments offering support just like this one are pouring in from all over the world. If you would like to send your own message of support for little Mason and his parents during this time of tragedy, you can head over to the "Mason & Hawk" Facebook page and share your thoughts and prayers for their healing.