'Outlander' Season 4 Spoilers To Obsess Over After The Season 3 Finale

Are you crying? I'm not crying. Nope, definitely not crying after the Outlander Season 3 finale, which finds Jamie and Claire shipwrecked in America. But now that the third season has officially wrapped up, it's time for everyone to eagerly speculate on what's going to happen next. In that frame of mind, I've compiled a list of Outlander Season 4 spoilers to tide you over until the show starts up again next year. Warning: book spoilers for Drums of Autumn ahead!

Outlander as a series prides itself on staying remarkably faithful to its source material, each season aligning with a corresponding book in the series. That means that if you want to know what happens next, you should look to the fourth novel, Drums of Autumn, which details Jamie and Claire's adventures in the Colonies. You don't need to have read the books to predict that their life is not going to be easy. However they may finally be on their way to approaching something resembling stability.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly executive producer Matthew B. Roberts explained that the fourth installment will be about Jamie and Claire finding home. "They never plant their feet. Now they’re getting to that place that they can call home," he said. "But the meaning of home is different for people. That’s what we will dig into in season 4." Let's get into the specifics of that and once to come when the show comes back.

Brianna & Roger Return

In interviews, the actors playing Brianna and Roger, Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin, respectively, have both said that they're looking forward to Season 4 because they get a lot more to do with their characters. Rankin has joked that his possible meeting with Jamie Fraser would go as smoothly as humanly possible. "But I imagine, in my head, if Roger ever were to meet Jamie Fraser it would be a very pleasant encounter," he told the Radio Times. "Hands would be shook, they would maybe sit down, have a whisky, and have a chat about Roger’s intentions towards Brianna." That is not exactly how it goes.

Jamie's Aunt Jocasta Appears

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Aside from Brianna, Claire has basically no family. This is helpful, considering she occasionally disappears off the face of the earth. Jamie, on the other hand, has a ton of family. In the fourth part of this epic series, another one of Jamie's relatives appears, this time in the form of a very wealthy and imperious aunt in the Colonies, which will be portayed by Orphan Black star Maria Doyle Kennedy.

Jamie & Claire Start A Farm

After living jail cell to jail cell for so long, it's about time that Jamie and Claire settled down and found a home to call their own. So Jamie picks a spot in the mountains, where the couple builds a house of their very own. They start their own farm, take on tenants, and finally begin setting down roots.

They Make New Friends

Tensions between white settlers and Native Americans in Colonial America are high (for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who paid attention in Early American History class in high school). In order to set up their homestead in the Carolina backwoods, Jamie, Claire, and the rest of their family must coexist peacefully with the Native Americans who already live there. Young Ian becomes particularly friendly with one neighboring tribe.

Old Faces Resurface

In the books, Murtagh died at Culloden, but the show made a change, and kept him alive to keep Jamie company at Ardsmuir prison. If you can remember that far back, they had Murtagh shipped to the Americas as an indentured servant. Now that Jamie and Claire are in America I would be very surprised if they didn't accidentally bump into him.

Suffice to say, there's a lot to look forward to. Let's just hope that this time, Droughtlander won't last for too long.

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