Paddington Bear Quotes Are Wise & Loving

A Bear Called Paddington is a classic children's book about a little bear from Peru who has somehow made his way from "deepest, darkest Peru" to the streets of London, by way of Paddington station. The beloved ursine creation has charmed the hearts of both children and their parents since 1958, when the fictional Brown family took him into their London home. Paddington Bear quotes show that not only was he kind and brave, he was pretty progressive for a little Peruvian bear, too. On Tuesday, Michael Bond, the creator of Paddington Bear and author of more than two dozen books in the Paddington series, died at his home following a brief illness, according to CNN. Bond was 91.

Paddington Bear is best known for his iconic look: A red hat, a blue duffle coat, and a pair of Wellington galoshes — the latter a later addition to his character. But even more enduring to his image is the nature of Paddington himself: He is not a ferocious bear — far from it. Paddington Bear is loyal, kind, and worldly, and occasionally accident-prone. And of course, who can forget Paddington's penchant for orange marmalade sandwiches? Bond himself admitted that Paddington Bear's love for marmalade was inspired by fellow author A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh and his bear's taste for honey.

Here are five of the best Paddington Bear quotes to inspire any parent.

"Please look after this bear."

Bond himself described Paddington Bear as a "refugee with a label." It's true, too: Paddington arrived to England from deepest, darkest Peru, and even carried around a picture of his aunt wearing a poncho. But what makes "Please look after this bear" such a special quote is the tenderness it implies, as well as a call for the simple act of humanity — of looking out for each other.

"In London everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in."

As a major metropolitan city, it's no surprise that Paddington might feel like a bit of an outsider — but his adopted family reminds him that it's still a welcoming one, as Mrs. Brown tells him in the 2014 Paddington film. This quote feels especially powerful in the wake of terror attacks in London in recent months.

"I’ll never be like other people, but that’s alright, because I’m a bear."

If there's one thing you can count on from Paddington, it's that his "otherness" as both bear and refugee has never been a point of shame — if anything, they are points of pride. Paddington Bear reminds us to be proud of who we are, no matter how different we may be from others. As he said, "that's alright."

"A wise bear always keeps a marmalade sandwich in his hat in case of emergency."

This simple quote isn't just about mundane habits or routine — this is about so much more than just sandwiches and hats. This Paddington Bear quote reminds us that in times of trouble, it's important to hold on to those traits, qualities, and sometimes even things that are valuable to us that make us uniquely who we are.

"It's nice having a bear about the house."

Life for the Brown family after they brought Paddington certainly became a whole lot different — but as a family, they learned to celebrate Paddington and all of his quirks, from the marmalade sandwiches to that whole "bear" thing. This particular quote reminds readers that sometimes it's best to put presumptions and judgements aside about others and give them a chance first.

Though Paddington Bear's creator has died, the legacy and rather astute wisdom of his friendly, wellies-wearing bear will certainly live on. A sequel to the bear's first film was just announced in May. Paddington 2 will premiere in 2018.