Pampers Diapers & Wipes Are On Sale At Rite Aid RN: Buy One, Get One Half Off

Considering disposable diapers can set you back quite a bit, any day you can find a bargain on the oh-so-necessary staple is a good day, indeed. Seriously, did you ever think you could run out of anything so incredibly fast?! It's enough to make even the most convenience-minded mom think about doing the non-disposable thing, but for many of us, cloth diapers just aren't something we can pull off in life, no matter how good (and eco-minded) our intentions. That's why we're super psyched about the post-Christmas diaper sale at Rite Aid — and you will be too, when we give you the details!

You'll be especially jazzed about this particular sale if you're a fan of Pampers, because it's the only brand involved in this particular promotion... but that's okay, because Pampers are pretty great. Right now, if you buy a package of Pampers diapers right now at Rite Aid, you get another one at half off! That's right: Buy any size, any style, any count...and the second package is 50 percent off. What?! If the average American family spends over $500 on diapers in the first year of their baby's life, that's over $100 in potential savings if you stock up for the year now.

Whether you choose a box of 100 Sesame Beginnings Swaddlers for Newborns at $29.99, a pack of 21 Cruisers for $12.49, or a box of 78 Baby Dry diapers for $29.99 (or any other combo of sizes/styles), you'll still get your second package for half the price —and the deal applies to wipes, too! Which is awesome, since statistics show that most moms use approximately 8,547 wipes per day. (Fine, we made that up, but it seems accurate.)

If that's not cause for celebration, we don't know what is.

Of course, we suppose it would be even better if the promotion were "buy one, get one free" — but the sad truth is, we simply don't live in a world where people just give away diapers for free. Diaper manufacturers could probably get away with charging just about anything for their products. If it came down to budgeting, most parents would give up just about any everyday luxury (Starbucks, premium cable, mani/pedis) before they would stop buying diapers. And if you've ever, say, run out of diapers while waiting for your husband to get home from the store with a new pack and thought you could improvise by fashioning a temporary nappy out of an old t-shirt and trash bag, well, you know just how magical those disposable diapers truly are. Without them, your life would be a whole lot soggier (and that's the least of it).

Thankfully, from time to time, the retail gods take pity on us parents and bestow upon us a deal like the one going on at Rite Aid right now, just so we occasionally experience some relief from the fear that our kids won't be able to go to college because... diapers. And when a blessed event like this one occurs, you want to make the absolute most of it: If you can, go for the most economical pack of diapers you can find (usually the one with the MOST diapers in it), then opt for half off on another pack of equal size. Then, voila! All the diapers. (At the end of the day, it's these small but significant things that make parenting worth it, don't you think?)

We'd also advise that you cash in on this one ASAP, as it looks like the sale ends on December 29. If you do happen to miss it, though, don't despair. We've found that the Rite Aid website offers deals like this one on various brands from time to time. Think of it as a fun way to try out different brands you might not have otherwise.

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