If Your Family Needs An Art Project, Paper Source's Instagram Craft Recess Is Perfect

"Do something creative every day" is the motto of Paper Source, and during this time of quarantine, a little creativity could go a long way in preserving what remains of our good cheer. To help everyone, Paper Source is holding "craft recess" on their Instagram page — with step-by-step guided instruction — so your hand-wringing can be replaced with a craft.

Here in New York, we are on quarantine day infinity, and I am running out of ideas of how to keep my kids engaged after they finish their distance learning for the day. Paper Source is really coming in clutch for harried parents by holding craft recess each day on their Instagram page using things you can find around the house. This week, they are doing activities like making cards for health care workers, making flip books, activities for cardboard boxes (we all have a ton from Amazon, and Science News reported that COVID-19 only lives on cardboard for 24 hours), bookmarks, and they'll be offering downloadable coloring pages.

It's just in time, because, honestly, if I hear the notes of "All In This Together" from High School Musical one more time, I might, in fact, be forced to do something drastic — like cut my son's hair a la early aughts Zac Efron. (And I really shouldn't ever cut anyone's hair.) It's getting bleak at my house. We are running out of Flamin' Hot Cheetos, and crayons are being broken at a breakneck pace. We need the uplifting power of creativity more than ever.

And though Paper Source is holding craft recess, they also have a ton of activity packages available online for shipping. They aren't just for kids, either. My favorite is actually a Dolly Parton coloring book, which is exactly what I need to unwind after my 9 to 5. (I apologize, I couldn't help myself.)

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This quarantine is far from over. Over the next weeks and months, I expect that there will be a ton of brands offering similar courses, and thank heavens for that. Right now, it's all about finding simple joys and latching onto them with both hands. Why not start with a thank you card to health care workers? Just use a sponge to seal the envelope, OK?