Parents Of Preemie Just Had The Sweetest Wedding

by Emily Lee

Lilly Nguyen and her fiancé Phil De Carlos started the new year in a truly beautiful way. The couple kicked of 2017 by saying "I Do" in a small ceremony surrounded by their family and friends on New Year's Day. There was one very special guest in attendance, as well. The couple's infant son, Lucas, was born on Oct. 28, 2016, three months before his due date. So, to make sure the little one didn't miss out on the big day, Nguyen and De Carlos decided to marry at the hospital so their preemie baby could attend and it was incredibly sweet, to say the least.

The wedding ceremony took place in the chapel located in the Texas Children's Hospital, where Lucas has been since his birth in October. According to Click Orlando, the couple exchanged vows and them immediately went to the NICU to be with Lucas. He was adorably dressed in a onesie tuxedo. No offense to the groom, but he was definitely the best dressed gentleman in the room. I'm sure De Carlos would agree with that statement, too.

Lucas was born only 24 weeks into his mother's pregnancy and weighed just over one pound, according to ABC 7 Chicago. After spending 2 months in the NICU with their tiny son, De Carlos proposed in the most heartwarming way. He reportedly dressed Lucas in a bib that read "will you marry my papa?" Nguyen, obviously, said yes and the two married less than a month later. Lucas' three older siblings were also present for the small ceremony and visited him with De Carlos and Nguyen right after.

The couple decided to tie the knot in the hospital because they wanted there to a bright spot in what has been a difficult few months for the family. "You live everyday like there's no tomorrow. We want him to be part of our special day," Nguyen said of her hospital wedding. "We want Lucas to look back and through all this pain, stress and struggle, I want him to see that there's still something good that came out of it."

At 3 months old, Lucas now weighs four pounds. His doctors say that he is growing and progressing every day and his family is optimistic about his future. They're reportedly continuing to pray for Lucas and remain steadfast by his side as a family as Lucas continues to grow into a healthy little boy.