Parents Tell Their Kid's Stepparents How They Really Feel About Them, & It's Time To Cry, Guys — VIDEO

If you are a child of divorce, or happen to have gone through one yourself, this video in which parents tell stepparents what they really think of them, will hit all the feels. But if you are a stepparent yourself, be prepared to shed a tear or two. There’s no question that divorce is hardest on children, and I’m pretty sure no one out there wants their kids to feel anything but loved and wanted, despite what the parents are going through. But when separated parents meet someone new, things become even more challenging. Egos may become involved, and who can blame anyone? I can’t imagine sharing my kids with someone I barely know. That’s how co-parenting works though. I should know — I’m a stepparent.

In all honesty, this video made me cry a little. When you’re a stepparent yourself, and one who loves your stepchild a great deal, it can be a hard path to negotiate. You don’t want to take the place of the biological parent, but you want this kid to know how important they are to you, and how much you’re willing to do for them. And you want their biological parent to know that their son or daughter is safe in your hands.

Seeing these parents tell the partners of their ex-spouses that they appreciate all the love and support their son is being given is something every stepparent wants to hear. Here's what happened when the parents and stepparents were honest with each other:

We Start With The Truth Of Being A Divorced Parent

"It's an awful feeling to not be with your child every day of their life."

This is Nakhjavani's mom, Tara. What she says here is so simple and so profound a sentiment.

And Why Stepparents Can Be So Threatening To Divorced Parents

Jamey, Nak's dad, says, "That triggered a lot of emotions. Who was going to be around my son."

It makes sense, doesn't it? As parents, we want to protect our kids and make sure that they are being raised the way we want them to be. Adding someone new into the equation can be scary.

Then We're Introduced To The Stepdad

"I never introduce him as my stepson, I'm like, this is my son." Jason is obviously a stand up guy, and Nak's father has a lot of respect for him, which is obvious as he describes Jason.

And The Stepmom

"Music is a big part of this family...and I think that's a big way of how Nak and I have bonded," says Natasha.

And Then Jamey And Tara Surprise Them

Jason and Natasha think they're coming in to do a panel on blended families. Surprise!

By Letting Them Know How Much They Appreciate Them

Wow, what an amazing gift from these parents.

Jamey Tells Jason What An Important Role He Plays

Both as a father, and as an example of a loving husband, and Jason says something so powerful: "And I love you for that, man. I'm supposed to not love you for that, but I do."


And What Tara Says To Natasha

"I also believe your love for Jamey makes him a better dad for Nak. He's so lucky to have you."

Man, if only every parent thought this about the stepparents who are in their kids' lives.

Watch The Entire Video Here:

I love all of this so much.