Guys, It's Time To Talk About Party City's *Amazing* Halloween Costumes For Babies

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday — I love everything about it. It has the coolest aesthetic, the best candy, and let's be real here, there are few things more fun than getting the crap scared out of you with dozens of other people. I haven't even discussed the costumes yet. I thought I loved dressing up, and then I had kids and got to dress them like little dolls and parade them around for free candy. And this year, costumes are more intricate than ever, especially Party City's baby Halloween costumes. You're going to be so ready to "suit up."

When I was little, my mom threw some beads on my neck, gave me lace gloves, and called me Madonna. Years later, I would question her judgement on dressing her child up as the controversial singer, but then again, I dressed up my kids as Arya and The Hound from Game of Thrones. I end up grabbing a ton of the basics from Party City, like the leggings, the masks, feathers, or furs — they always have the essentials. This year, I am seriously considering buying the whole ensemble from them because it's just so much simpler, and they have so many cute options for the littlest ones in the family.


Baby Shark

Did you happen to catch The Last Sharknado? If not, consider yourself fortunate. I was made to watch it, and it was time travel, sharks, weather incidents, and more Ian Ziering and Tara Stiles madness. But this baby shark is an on-trend costume that is just hilarious. Just look at the adorable fish at the wrist. It's perfect. You know a baby just needs to travel with a snack, even baby sharks.


Baby Jack Skellington

What's this? Is this a baby in a Jack Skellington suit? What. Is. This? It's the cutest thing you've seen in years. You know you're dying over this. Not as dead as Sally or Jack, but still, pretty dead. Maybe he can stay around and visit Christmastown as well — or maybe not.


Snuggle Bear

Forget what I said about Jack, I am now definitely writing this from the afterlife because the cute just killed me. Look at that baby in the teddy bear costume. Can you imagine anything cuter in your whole life? No, you can't, because it doesn't exist. End of story.


Baby Unicorn

This one just screams, "I'm here and I'm ready to poop rainbows." The furry belly, the horn, the cute tail — it's all so much and exactly how Halloween should be. This could also be easily layered over warmer clothing for those of you in colder regions, and those big feet will perfectly cover some cozy slippers so their feet stay warm and toasty while they're trick-or-treating from the stroller.


Baby T-Rex

Have you ever seen a dinosaur in a diaper? Well, now you have, and you know it's adorable. This costume is designed for the baby T-Rex on the move. Can you imagine this little guy making his rounds at the Halloween party? Maybe Dad could go as Alan Grant or Ian Malcolm, and you could go as Ellie Sattler. It would be a great family costume.


Baby Wolf

Teen wolf? More like tiny wolf. This little flannel-wearing Greyback is the cutest wolf to have ever howled at the moon. Just make sure you change his diaper frequently, unless you want him howling at you. This costume is also easy-on and easy-off for those changes, and there looks to be space to layer beneath it.


Baby Monkey

Oh my heart — a baby monkey. I always called my babies "my little monkeys" because they were born with hair on their ears and shoulders, and therefore this is just the cutest little costume to match their nickname ever. A rosy cheeked little one, peeking out from an Ergo as a baby monkey? Adorable.


Humpty Dumpty

This Humpty Dumpty is not sitting on any walls. The closest it will get is Grandpa's knee, and that's totally OK. This rocking Humpty Dumpty costume is ready to rhyme and trick-or-treat all the way to Mother Goose's house. It's an inventive costume held up by seaming instead of stiff boning, so your baby won't hate you for sticking them in it. Hopefully.