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Twitter Isn't Happy With The Patriots Win

We've been seeing a lot of shocking victories recently. First Donald Trump won the presidency despite losing the popular vote. But now, just when it looks like the Atlanta Falcons were primed for victory, they ended up losing the 2017 Super Bowl against the New England Patriots despite their large early lead and the internet is really, really sad about it. This fact was demonstrated by all of the memes about the Patriots Super Bowl win, proving that everybody loves a good underdog.

Much like how at the beginning of election night, we thought there was literally no way that Clinton could possibly lose to a reality star best known for being obnoxious, and yet she did. At the beginning of this Super Bowl, the Falcons were winning by such a large margin that no one believed the New England Patriots could possibly turn it around to defeat them, Tom Brady or no Tom Brady. Kind of like when Trump won Florida, the Patriots eventually made an impressive touchdown and were suddenly back in the game, which eventually went into overtime, and finally ended with a biggest upset victory in Super Bowl history apparently. Twitter reacted as Twitter usually does, with some very emotional and hilarious memes about how they felt about the end of this Super Bowl.

I'm going to level with all of you, and tell you that I am not a huge sports fan. In fact, I'm not actually a sports fan at all, and once announced that I actually hate sports. This statement was greeted by a roomful of men giving me an impassioned defense of the sense of community and togetherness fostered by sports, and how it's a great way to bring people together to cheer for one common goal. Now that I've actually taken part in this kind of situation, and felt feelings about a football game, I'm going to go back to my original position. I don't want to feel these feelings again.

At the very least, we can take solace in the creative and amusing memes that the internet has created so far. Also in the fact that unlike the election, to which this game feels eerily familiar, the Patriots winning the Super Bowl most likely won't have any effect on anyone's day to day life. Except Tom Brady's, because he will probably earn more money now that he's won five Super Bowls. Until next time, Atlanta.