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Patton Oswalt Paid A Sweet Tribute To His Late Wife With Their Little Girl At The Grammys

There were so many celebrities who brought different people as their dates to the 2019 Grammy Awards. But the best pairings of the night were when celebrities brought their kids to the Grammys this year. It's so sweet to see that Patton Oswalt brought his daughter to the Grammys this year, because she looked like she had such a good time.

Oswalt showed up to the Grammy Awards, not with his wife, Meredith Salenger, but with his 9-year-old daughter, Alice Oswalt. They walked the red carpet together, looking like the perfect father-daughter duo. And while some children would choose to go the glamorous route on such a major red carpet, Alice looked so adorable in her leather jacket, sparkly dress, and matching Converse sneakers.

But this was more than just a fun night out for Oswalt and his daughter. In a super emotional tweet on Sunday night, Oswalt thanked his daughter for being by his side through everything — from losing his wife (and Alice's mom), Michelle McNamara in 2016 to meeting and marrying Salenger a year later, according to People.

"Love this little one forever," Oswalt tweeted. "We went through losing McNamara together and there seemed to be no way out of the murk and then Meredith Salenger ignited the sky. I don't deserve either of them."

I'm not crying, you are.

And before they took to the red carpet, Oswalt shared on Instagram that they both enjoyed a daddy-daughter date to Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill and ate some very delicious looking pasta.

Some dads take their kids to get ice cream when mom isn't around, Oswalt is a cool dad — he takes his daughter to the Grammy Awards. And that is a much better deal than getting ice cream.

Sure, Oswalt might have lost the only award he was nominated for this year, Best Comedy Album (Dave Chappelle took home that honor, according to Pitchfork). But, with his daughter by his side, Oswalt clearly had every reason to celebrate. And it's not as if Oswalt hasn't experienced some kind of victory at the Grammy's before. In 2016, Oswalt won the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album for his album, "Talking For Clapping."

Whether win or lose, Oswalt was a winner with his daughter on the red carpet, especially since they looked so happy to be there together. Especially since he has come such a far way after McNamara's death. Shortly after Oswalt accepted his first Grammy award in 2017, Oswalt told the Los Angeles Times that he was struggling to remain happy after his wife died a year earlier. Oswalt said:

This has not been a fun year for me and a lot of people, but I'm going to try to be as goofy and as obnoxious as I can be to try and help. I'm hoping to move beyond the bitterness.

And now, just two years later, it's clear that he has. Not only did he get nominated for another Grammy in 2018, but he sounded so incredibly thankful in his tweet on Sunday. Not only has Oswalt gotten happier since then, but Alice has, too. Last year, Oswalt told Entertainment Tonight that his daughter loves Salenger: "Oh my god, my daughter is so happy. Meredith is the best. Meredith Salenger is Mary Poppins."

Oswalt has so much love to give, and that was made clear this year at the Grammys.