Monty Brinton/CBS

Paulie Calafiore Is Evicted From 'Big Brother 18' & It's For Good

The downfall of Paulie Calafiore in the Big Brother house was swift and total. By all appearances, Paulie got way too comfortable in his position as the "ruler" of the house and let his guard down– though I can't say I entirely blame him. His allies allowed him to remain in absolute power, happily doing his bidding and taking out his targets, for far longer than made sense. Recently, though, everyone seemed to snap out of their collective Paulie-worship all at once and decided to take him down. As a result, Paulie was evicted from the Big Brother 18 house on Thursday's live episode. And it was for good.

It all started when Paulie attempted to keep Zakiyah in the house when she was nominated alongside Michelle in Week 7. It was a risky move that ultimately didn't make a ton of sense – everyone knew that, comp-wise, Zakiyah was stronger than Michelle, who up until that point hadn't had much luck in comps and appeared to be an extremely emotional and easy-to-sway player. Plus, did Paulie ever really care about Zakiyah anyway? Why not just take her off the block when he won the Power of Veto that week if he really cared?

Michelle, with nothing left to lose, then took the opportunity to completely blow up Paulie's game, along with Natalie. They revealed some of the exceedingly unsavory things that Paulie had said – particularly about Natalie – and the fact that he had basically been running the house all along, repeatedly sending his allies after those he wanted to go home.

At that point, pretty much each of his former allies was ready to turn against him. When Victor won Head of Household once again in Week 8, the reveals about Paulie (plus the fact that Da'Vonne had told Victor on the way out that the others were coming after him for double eviction) made it a no-brainer: Vic put Paulie and Corey up as nominees. And when he again won the Power of Veto comp, he made sure they'd stay there.

Of course Corey, who has never been very good at comps or social game (outside of that random lucky streak on double eviction night), wasn't the primary target. As a strong competitor and a troublemaker in the house, just about everyone was ready to send Paulie packing – even his closest remaining allies Corey and Nicole, who naturally both opted to save Corey over Paulie. That sealed Paulie's fate.