People Are Already Assuming Lauren Duggar Is Pregnant For A Ridiculous Reason

by Gillian Walters

Counting On stars Josiah and Lauren Duggar now enjoy a shared Instagram account, following in the footsteps of their relatives Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth. And to celebrate the joint profile, Lauren shared a post on Monday praising her "best friend," aka Josiah. Although many fans focused on the cuteness of the message in the comments section, others speculated about whether Lauren Duggar is already pregnant, because of course they are.

Considering the two wed on June 30, it's fair to say the gossip is a bit overboard, especially when you consider it's due to the direction of Josiah's gaze in the snap, as some fans pondered. Apparently, Josiah looked down at Lauren's stomach area in a new pic, and fans think it's a sign the newlywed is expecting. Others, however, think the speculation is ridiculous.

Interestingly enough, Josiah is the only Duggar to ever have a social media account before marriage. Josiah shared his first post in May 2015, and he spent his pre-courtship days gifting fans with snaps of his family and friends. That all changed, however, when Lauren came into the picture sometime in January.

Once the two made it official, Josiah exclusively posted pics with Lauren, cementing his status as a taken man. But when the pair traded wedding vows in June, they decided to switch Josiah's account to a joint profile. "Can’t believe it’s almost been 2 months since I married my best friend!!!👫❤️ -Lauren #2monthiversary #marriageisthebest #amazonoutfit," Lauren penned in the couple's first post on Instagram.

In the first pic, an adorably dressed Lauren gives Josiah a classic side hug against the backdrop of the outdoors. The second snap shows a similar pose, with the exception of Josiah's downward gaze. It appears like something on the ground — or perhaps Lauren's mid-section — caught the Counting On star's attention. And people couldn't help but theorize about what the gaze could mean.

"Are you guys expecting ? Just the way Josiah is looking down??" someone wrote on Instagram.

"They’re definitely pregnant," a commenter penned.

"She must be pregnant," one fan wrote.

"Two months in. Is she pregnant yet? #duggarways," a person speculated.

But not everyone was on board with the interest in Lauren's uterus. One person argued, "... Who cares what they wear.. who cares when they get pregnant. Can’t they just be happy and want to post 'life pictures' on social media?"

"Maybe they're trying and having problems, maybe she was pregnant and had a miscarriage, maybe she is pregnant and having complications...when they have something to share with everyone they will," another supporter remarked. "Until then, let them enjoy their life!"

Someone else chimed in: "Its sad that all the comments are 'is she pregnant yet.'"

While another commenter argued, "Speaking as someone who got married at 19 and had comments made like that (my husband and I have been TTC for 14 months with no luck) it can be really hurtful." The fan added, "You never know what someone might be going through, so it’s probably best not to make jokes ❤️ saying this in love, not trying to be bitter!"

Although it's reasonable to guess Lauren might be pregnant soon, given the Duggar family's many honeymoon babies, it's probably not the best idea to ask her if she's pregnant already — or ever. Not only is it a rude question, but it potentially takes away from Lauren and Josiah's ability to relax as newlyweds. The couple doesn't need any more pressure to procreate — I bet they already get enough of that from their family and friends.

And whenever the couple does decide to grow their family, I'm sure they'll share the good news whenever they feel comfortable. Until then, people should just let the two live.