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People Are Disappointed In Beyonce's Twins' Names For This Reason & It's Ridiculous

The moment Beyoncé broke the internet and revealed her twin pregnancy, fans the world over have been jonesing for any and all information about the new additions to America's royal family. Early Friday afternoon, TMZ reported Beyoncé and her husband named their twins Rumi and Sir Carter, a pair of names fit for kings and queens alike, but people are disappointed about Beyonce's twins names for one particular reason and, well, it's pretty damn ridiculous.

It's no secret that both Beyoncé and JAY-Z are uber talented, creative individuals who have at least 10 reasons behind why they do anything at all. Take Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement, for example — a beautiful Instagram post riddled with hidden clues and meanings that left fans searching the internet and practicing their best Sherlock Holmes impression for hours on end. So, it stands to reason the Knowles-Carter twins' names have hidden meanings as well. Rumi, for example, is also the last name of a prominent 13th-Century Persian poet, Jalaluddin Rumi. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin reportedly read a collection of Rumi's poetry while going through his divorce from actress Gwenyth Paltrow, according to The New Yorker. The word "Rumi" also means "Roman," according to various name websites. Sir, on the other hand and according to Behind The Name, is the Catalan form of Syrus (or Cyrus). Nameberry.com says Cyrus means "throne," so if you're wondering if we're dealing with royalty here, wonder no longer.

Still, fans don't seem all that impressed, and an underlying thread regarding the reason why seems to be that the couple has grown "too creative" with the names of their offspring. Just take a look at some of the reactions on Twitter:

Of course, because this is parenthood we're talking about, especially celebrity parenthood, one person's "too creative" is another person's, "really, that's it?" It seems that while some fans were turned off by just how unique the Knowles-Carter twins' names are, others weren't impressed enough, particularly with the name Sir. Take a look:

As a parent to a child with a somewhat unique name (Matthias, for those of you with inquiring minds), I can tell the now-parents of three one thing for sure, especially in the middle of all this baby-naming hate: you can't win. Just like any and every parenting decision the couple is sure to make, some will agree, some will disagree, and more than a few people will take the time to tell you why.

Whether it's in person or on the internet via Twitter, it honestly doesn't matter what any of us fans think about the names Rumi and Sir Carter. All that matters is that the woman who grew, birthed, and is now taking care of those twins — Beyoncé — does, and since it's safe to assume she was part of the naming process, it's safe to assume she likes those names just fine.