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People Are Freaking Out That Jon Snow Pet A Dragon On 'Game Of Thrones'

Episode 5 of Game of Thrones has finally arrived and Daenerys has come back from her dragon-fueled battle with the Lannisters, and Drogon and Jon finally got to meet face-to-face. Now people are freaking out that Jon Snow pet a dragon on Game of Thrones, because that moment was heart-stopping. As in, I'm pretty sure my heart actually stopped. This was a huge moment with a lot riding on it, and it was positively ripe with importance.

Jon knew pretty well what the dragons were capable of, and even advised Dany not to go to war and torch whole armies and castles to the ground. She... sort of... listened and only torched a portion of the Lannister army. Jon would be wise to stay as far away from Drogon as possible. Instead, he offers him his knuckles to sniff as one would do a frightening dog. Instead of burning him to a crisp right there on the spot, Drogon allows Jon to gently stroke his face, and briefly closes his eyes while Dany looks on in absolute shock. Is this because Drogon can sense that Jon is really a Targaryen? Or is this just because Jon is really great with taming wild beasts? Twitter is in an uproar.

Some thought the special moment was just due to Jon's special Jon-ness, which apparently has the ability to make even the most terrifying creatures and people come to heel. This includes the entire North, Ygritte, his direwolf Ghost, and now dragons.

Other people believed that there was more to this meeting than just Jon's magic touch. Perhaps it has something to do with Jon's secret Targaryen lineage. Dany seems to believe that she is mother of dragons in some part due to being a Targaryen. She does call herself the last dragon after all. Could it be that dragons have some sort of secret Targaryen spidey-sense?

But perhaps more importantly than all that, Jon is super eager to get back to the North and fight the White Walkers who are almost at Eastwatch. He plans to go up there and fight the White Walkers himself, with a less than substantial army at his back. There is one thing that I can think of that would be extremely helpful in this circumstance. That being a big ole fire-breathing dragon that can kill hundreds of White Walkers in a single breath. This little meeting could mean that Jon is about to hop on that dragon's back. Which would, obviously, be huge.