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People Are Making Fun Of Blue Ivy's Rap Skills

Blue Ivy Carter has shown the world that music is a family affair in the Carter household. Since the release of the three bonus tracks on JAY-Z's 13th album, 4:44, the public has taken notice of one track in particular: "Blue's Freestyle/We Family." Included on this track is a 45-second long freestyle by Blue Ivy herself. Unfortunately, some people are making fun of Blue Ivy's rap skills. Well, I have a message for all of you self-proclaimed music critics out there: Calm yourselves, the girl is 5 years old.

The numerous Negative Nancys took to Twitter to showcase their nitpicking. The majority of the negative comments about Blue's freestyle revolve around the fact that some of the words are indecipherable. She mumbles a bit while she spits because, well, she's a child. The freestyle is a fun, laid-back participation in the family business and shouldn't be viewed through the same critical lens as the rest of her father's album.

While the lyrics aren't always clear, Blue says them with a confidence that she surely learned from her famous parents. But this isn't her first time making music; She had the opportunity to showcase her budding skills on two of her parents' other songs: JAY-Z's 2012 hit song, "Glory" and Beyoncé's 2014 track, "Blue."

These previous experiences pale in comparison to her performance in "Blue's Freestyle/We Family." Blue is growing up and her musical abilities are growing as well. Before you say anything, yes I know she is only 5. However, she is doing a lot more than most of us were at that age (I remember being particularly excited about mastering the proper spelling of the word "unicorn").

Some professional critics are pointing to Blue's participation in her parents' music as an example of nepotism in rap music. Often, children of rappers go on to create music of their own, many of whom go on to enjoy rather successful careers in the music industries. Other famous rap babies, such as Lil Romeo, son of Master P, have followed in their parents' footsteps. Willow Smith, daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, signed to JAY-Z's Roc Nation. Could that mean a future collaboration between Blue Ivy and Willow? Fingers crossed.

Fortunately, more of the reactions to Blue Ivy's freestyle are positive than negative. She has shown that she has her own musical talent to add to the Carter empire and the world took notice. The Beyhive is welcoming her with open arms and looks forward to hearing more from her down the line. She also seems to have gained her own fan club, and it is calling itself the Ivy League. Well, sign me up.