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People Are Pissed At Chrissy Teigen For An Absurd Reason — Again

There simply no denying that model Chrissy Teigen is outspoken. The mom of of one — she gave birth to daughter Luna back in April 2016 — just isn't afraid to say what she feels and speak her mind, and her followers on Instagram and Twitter can never get enough sage Chrissy Wisdom. Of course, that's not to say that she doesn't have her detractors — and some people get upset with celebrities for the most ridiculous reasons, even when it comes to smallest of things. But I'm pretty sure that the people pissed about Teigen's latest Luna Instagram are mad for the silliest reason yet.

Teigen and her husband, singer John Legend, shared photos on Instagram from their family vacation in Bali, Indonesia over the weekend. While on vacation, Teigen and Legend dressed in traditional ceremonial costumes and looked absolutely breathtaking. It was easy to see that the vacation was a much-needed break for Teigen. "Como Shambhalam, my mind and body have never felt so clear," she wrote in the caption of one photo featuring herself and Legend posing together.

In another shot, which now has over 1 million likes, Teigen is seen wearing a traditional headpiece with 1-year-old Luna in her lap. Posing in the shade beneath tall trees, on a set of mossy stone steps, the two are a beautiful portrait of mother-daughter life at its best. But for some reason, at least a handful of people are oddly pissed off about the photo in the comment section — mainly because Luna is not wearing a shirt.

Take a second to let the absurdity of that reasoning sink in.

"You should have dressed her up as well," one commenter wrote. "But where is the baby's ceremonial clothes? Just asking?" wrote another. "Beautiful pic but don't like that she's not wearing a shirt" another wrote. Comments about Luna's lack of clothes continued into the thousands.

Let's get one thing straight: Luna is a baby on vacation for Pete's sake. She doesn't have to be dressed up. If I were a baby and had the option to run around in a diaper and nothing else or be dressed up in a traditional costume, I'd go with the first option. It's actually quite common for babies and toddlers to just wear their diaper while on vacation, according to PopSugar, and experts at the National Child Traumatic Stress Network say that it is normal for children 4 years old or younger "to want to take off their clothes as they are naturally immodest." Not only that but Teigen, who is very aware of her following and critics, knows what happens when she shares photos to her Instagram. If she was concerned with the way her daughter was dressed, she wouldn't have shared the photo.

The photo also drew criticism from those comparing Teigen to Beyoncé's performance outfit at the Grammy Awards this year, claiming Teigen was "copying" Beyoncé, which is also equally ridiculous. For what it's worth, the designer who created Beyoncé's dress, Peter Dundas, claimed he took inspiration from Beyoncé's song "Love Drought" and the African goddess Oshun — not traditional Balinese garb — to create the dress. For goodness' sake.

Teigen's photo with Luna is absolutely stunning. Even critics should be able to recognize that. And for those too centered on a baby doing exactly what a baby does? Maybe it's time to get a new hobby.