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People Are Pissed That Kylie Jenner Didn't Confirm Her Pregnancy On Christmas Day

Well, the wait is finally over. After a very long month, the conclusion to the Kar-Jenner family's 25 days of Christmas cards is out. However, one member of the family was notably absent from the photo: Kylie Jenner — and any evidence of a coming baby. Perhaps not surprisingly, people are seriously upset the Kardashian Christmas card didn't confirm Jenner's rumored pregnancy. After months of meticulous scanning for any sign of a growing belly, fans were sorely disappointed and they made their feelings very clear on Twitter.

The final installment to the advent-style reveal came after 24 earlier photos from the Christmas card photoshoot. Previous reveals from this year's shoot, which was taken by photographer Eli Linnetz, tended to focus on tiny Kardashians, such as Mason, Penelope, and Reign Disick playing together; North and Saint West cuddled up with mom and dad; and baby Dream Kardashian surrounded by doting family members. Also featured in the card were Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kris’ mother M.J. Shannon, Kendall Jenner, and Kanye West.

West's appearance is particularly notable, not only because he was the only adult male member of the family included, but also because it marks the first year that he has participated in the family's annual holiday photoshoot. His presence did little to make up for those who were not included, though.

Both Kylie and Rob Kardashian were not included in the shoot. As People reported, the two have been laying low in recent months. Twitter was pretty quiet about Rob's absence, but fans were not happy that there wasn't a pregnancy announcement for Christmas this year.

Some of the tweets were just simple inquiries into Kylie's whereabouts, asking the question on everyone's mind. But rational thinking quickly goes out the window when fans begin expressing how they really feel.

Extreme? Perhaps. Surprising? Not really. Some fans went so far as to blame Kylie for ruining their Christmas. Assuming an announcement from her was all that they wanted this year, I can't really blame them.

As always, there were some expertly utilized Kardashian gifs that perfectly express the complex emotions of the fans who were so very let down. Who knew that a Christmas card could invoke such a response.

And if Twitter users couldn't say it well enough themselves, they relied on GIFs to make their frustration and disappointment known.

On a slightly morbid note, Kylie's absence was enough to lead some users to question if she was still alive.

Along with emotional responses, there were more questions raised by the photo. Come on Kylie, are you pregnant?

There were a few deadlines set for an announcement, along with what can only be described as threats.

Finally, some fans took Kylie's absence as proof that she has something to hide. While failure to appear in a Christmas photo is far from a pregnancy announcement, it is interesting.

For anyone wondering if Kylie and Rob were left out of the photo due to some sort of falling out or drama with the family, rest assured that they have not been blacklisted. Along with the yearly Christmas card, the Kardashian-Jenner family also celebrates both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together and Kylie and Rob were definitely included. Kris' elegant Christmas Eve party brought the family together, along with as A-List guests like Christina Aguilera and Ryan Seacrest. On Monday, the entire family got together at Kourtney's house and donned matching pajamas.

Since a Christmas Day pregnancy announcement wasn't in the books for Kylie's fans, maybe this New Year will be a very happy one for them. Only time will tell, because the family is keeping painfully quiet.

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