People Are Shaming Audrey Roloff For Her Baby’s Onesie, & It's So Ridiculous

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff of TLC's Little People, Big World just welcomed their first child on Sept. 10, and already the new parents have faced their fair share of online shamers. An innocent — and insanely adorable photo — of baby Ember was shared by the new mama on Friday; but it didn't take long for the sweet post to turn sour. That's because people are shaming Audrey Roloff for her baby's onesie outfit, and it is just so dumb.

Audrey posted the photo, which features baby Ember wearing a cream-colored body suit sporting the phrase, "Always more milk." (Because newborns.) This onesie is paired with brown leggings and a rose-colored headband. To top off the cuteness, the newborn is grasping a fuzzy fox lovey and is lying on a plush, cream-colored blanket. Audrey captioned the darling shot with, "Baby girls got a furry friend and it’s not Pine;)"

Too cute to handle, right? Apparently not. According to Us Weekly, commenters soon chimed in with unsolicited fashion advice for the new mom.

"Omg..she is so cute. Not crazy though..how her mother dresses her," one person wrote on Facebook. "What happened to cute little dresses..not ugly coloured leggings. Lol..each to their own." Another person agreed with this sentiment, writing, "She cute. But not a fan of the outfit. Creepy brown tights. Why not a colorful beautiful dress! The one(s)ie needs help!" Yet another commented, "Don't like the outf(i)t makes her look like a little old lady sorry."

Um, what?! Take a look for yourself.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Audrey Roloff has been mom-shamed on social media. In fact, it happened while she was still nine months pregnant! Followers criticized the mom-to-be for posting belly shots on Instagram. (Yes, seriously. This poor mom can't catch a break.) It all started when she posted the photo, below, on Instagram on Aug. 13. Heres what a couple of cranky followers wrote:

I love this family but I think it is a disgrace to show your body to all the viewers.my openion. It should be for your husbands eyes only
I am so sick of you showing your belly. We all know you are with child. It would be nice to see a picture of you some time not your belly or your hand underneath your belly to shoew that you are pregnant.

According to Popculture.com, Roloff's response was about as classy as it comes. She didn't fight back. Instead, she changed her profile picture — from a professional shot of herself and Jeremy — to a picture of her, sitting on a bed while wearing a sports bra and showing off her bump. Take that, shamers!

Here's a little lesson in etiquette for when new parents post photos of their sweet babies – just in case anyone is still confused: The only proper response is, "Awww!" or "OMG, I LOVE her outfit!" Period. Even if you think their baby looks like an alien. Even if you think the outfit looks like vomit. Because blasting a new mom on social media for the fashion choices she makes for her baby is about as low as it can get, and for a few reasons. 1. This is an extremely sensitive time for many new parents —who are coping with lack of sleep, completely adjusting their lives around this new little being, and second-guessing pretty much every parenting decision they make as it is. They don't need your negatively on top of this. 2. Why do you even CARE what someone else's baby is wearing? The baby is clothed and happy. Move on. 3) If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

Parents of newborns — and especially couples who are in the limelight like Audrey and Jeremy Roloff — already deal with an extra layer of criticism about everything they do. Don't be a jerk by criticizing the fashion choices for their baby. End rant.

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