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People Are Comparing Rumi To Beyoncé As A Baby & The Resemblance Will Make You Say "Wow"

by Gillian Walters

If you live for the rare instances when Beyoncé decides to share pictures of her 1-year-old twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, there's a good chance you'll love this news. Beyoncé, who is typically private about the twins, posted an adorable snap of herself with the babies to her personal website on Wednesday. In the pic, Beyoncé looks completely content as she holds both kiddos in her lap, and the sweet scene is one for the history books. But just when you thought the shot couldn't get any cuter, some fans pointed out that Rumi is identical to Beyoncé as a baby. Cue the awws.

Back in June, Beyoncé and JAY-Z stopped mid-concert in Manchester, England, to wish Rumi and Sir a happy first birthday. “Happy birthday to Sir and Rumi. We love you,” Beyoncé said to the cheering of fans, according to People.

The adorable moment quickly made the rounds on social media, and it temporarily satisfied the Beyhive's desire for news about Rumi and Sir. But now that a little more than a month has passed since the precious shoutout, people are itching for more of the twins. The good news is Beyoncé decided to end the Rumi and Sir drought on Thursday with a heartwarming shot of the two posted to her website.

Needless to say, people *love* the family portrait. From Beyoncé's vacation vibes to the twins' darling expressions, there's a lot to like about the pic.

"I’m in f**king tearssss," one fan tweeted after seeing the photo.

Another commenter chimed in: "Omg they r so cute."

But most of all, fans couldn't help but notice how Rumi is a replica of Beyoncé as a baby. Rumi is Beyoncé's baby twin, all the way from their eyebrows to their facial expressions. The resemblance is uncanny, to put it mildly.


"Rumi looks just like Beyoncé Baby pictures omg," a person added.

"I don’t see you Jay-z," a fan commented on a side-by-side of the Rumi and Beyoncé on Instagram.

"Hey looks just like Beyoncé! Nothing like jay z but I’m not saying that’s a bad thing," a commenter penned.

"The next Beyoncé ayeee," someone else piped in.

Yep, I think it's safe to say the general consensus here is Rumi will grow up to be a spitting image of her mom. Sir, in my humble opinion, takes more after JAY-Z and his big sister, Blue Ivy. I can definitely spot Blue's sassy expression in Sir's face, and I can't wait to see how they might resemble one another in the future. Keep the pics coming, Bey.

As for the twins' personalities, it's not clear who they take after. The only thing fans know for sure is that the babies have vastly different temperaments. Tina Knowles, the twins' grandmother, elaborated on this phenomenon in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in October 2017.

Yes, [it’s crazy]. It’s just really, really different with two babies,” Knowles answered when asked about life with twins, according to Entertainment Tonight. “I mean, a boy and a girl. Very different personalities.”

But wait — that's not all. Knowles went on to joke a few months later, according to the Daily Mail: "The boy has a stare, like a mean mug, like Jay sometimes, which is so cute, and the girl, she’s just so happy all the time and so sweet. They are just adorable!" Ha. You can totally see what Knowles is talking about in the photo Beyoncé shared. It's clear Knowles really knows her grandkids.

Of course, it doesn't matter who the twins look like at the end of the day. All that matters is the happiness of Beyoncé's adorable family, and it's clear they're in a great spot right now.