George Burns/ABC

Why Peter Deserves To Be The Next 'Bachelor'

Rachel's final decision on The Bachelorette is imminent, and she's down to three men after weeks of dates and international jaunts. Either Bryan Abasolo, Eric Bigger, or Peter Kraus could be the man whose proposal Rachel accepts, and a case could be made for any of the three having a real shot with her. However, Peter's ambivalence towards proposing so fast could mean his and Rachel's relationship won't last until the end of the season. If that's the case, then there might be a pretty big opportunity waiting for him: Peter should be the next Bachelor, and there are a few clues that prove it's a real possibility.

It would be amazing for the network to choose to follow up their first black Bachelorette with their first black Bachelor, but considering how long it took to get to her in the first place, the chances of Eric snagging the spot are slim. But the next Bachelor almost always gets plucked out of the last season of the show, so one of Rachel's guys is guaranteed the spot. Peter wouldn't be a bad choice, either. He's not a total dweeb, he's not hated by fans, and it's not difficult to look directly at him. Combined with his commitment-phobic narrative, that could make for a compelling season of The Bachelor.

It may seem kind of ridiculous for Peter to suddenly decide he's ready to settle down after telling Rachel the opposite, but there's nothing The Bachelor loves more than a journey. If he were to be made the next leading man, then he could talk all about how he wasn't ready before but now he knows what he wants. Would it be the most compelling? No, but it would be a workable way to sell Peter's story. In fact, his very ambivalence could be the thing that demonstrates that he's here for the Right Reasons: he won't just propose for the hell of it. He's so genuine he'll break his own heart to prove it.

With good looks, some charm, and a real life career outside of the show as a gym owner and personal trainer, Peter could make a great Bachelor lead. The evidence might be circumstantial right now, but Peter did post an intriguing potential hint on his Instagram account in June: his high school yearbook photo, with something very interesting listed under his "future plans." Peter has been preparing for The Bachelor since he was a teenager, so he's definitely ready for the job.

Still, there is a chance that Peter is just too obvious a choice. The last season of The Bachelor threw viewers a curveball by setting up Nick Viall as the romantic lead, making it way more difficult to predict how next season will go. I suppose Bachelor Nation will just have to wait and see how this all plays out. But if it turns out to be Peter, you won't see me complaining.