Petsmart Released Their New Halloween Costumes For Dogs & Yes, There's A Sloth

Some families go all-out for Halloween, even including the family dog in the spooky festivities as well. As the new dog Halloween costumes from Petsmart go to show, canines have a ton of options when it comes to dressing up. Whether you want to go for something spooky, funny, or simply adorable, these Halloween costumes for pups are on another level.

Plenty of dogs seem to enjoy dressing up, so if your canine is one of these, then go wild with the costuming. But even if your dog is not that into costumes, there are a few ways you can try to help them enjoy the experience more. "Teach Fido to link pleasant experiences with the costume prior to wearing it by showing the outfit and rewarding him even just for looking at it. Once he starts sniffing the clothes, mark it as your cue to giving him treats and praises," advised Brandy Arnold, founding administrator at The Dogington Post. In time, your pup will probably be happy to wear the costume for a few minutes at least. At most, your dog should only wear the costume for a few hours and always with your supervision.

As long as your pet enjoys the experience of dressing up, there are tons of creative and hilarious costume options for dogs.


Light-Up Pumpkin Pet Costume

Update the classic pumpkin costume with some cool LED lights. The costume slips off and on easily, and it includes a Velcro strap for extra comfort. Plus it'll keep your pup extra warm if Halloween turns out to be chilly.


Halloween Shark Pet Costume

Watch out for the land shark. This slip-on costume instantly transforms your pet into a predator of the deep. It's a great costume if your whole fam is going for a "Baby Shark" theme.


Halloween Skull Pet Dress

This reflective dress features a fun, spooky pattern with skulls and spots. The attached skirt makes it feel a little more dressed up. It's a great look for trick-or-treating or if you're just planning on going to a Halloween bash.


Light-Up Bumblebee Pet Costume

Create a buzz with this bee costume. The antennae, wings, and stinger even light up with LEDs so you'll be able to spot your pup from a mile away — or at least across the room.


Panda Pet Walker Costume

Put your pet in this panda costume to send the cuteness factor through the roof. Just look at the little bamboo detail, too. It only covers the front half of your pup's body, so bathroom breaks shouldn't be a concern at all.


Halloween Dinosaur Pet Costume

Make your pet's costume positively prehistoric. Just check out the frilled hat and spiky tail on this dino look. The headpiece might be the hardest part to convince your pup to wear, but if you can, it'll be so worth the entire bag of treats.


Sloth Pet Walker Costume

Slow it down this Halloween. This fuzzy sloth costume transforms your dog into an easygoing creature for the night. It's the perfect look for your super chill pup.


Captain America Pet Costume

If you're still in superhero mode, then this costume is perfection. It's made with an easy slip-on style, and just check out the adorable hood with ear holes. It's also lightweight, making this one of the more comfortable costume options on this list.


Llama Pet Costume

For a costume that's more sweet than scary, this precious llama look is perfect. You'll love cuddling up to its soft new coat which fits like a cap more than a full on costume. Actually, your dog might not mind wearing this look at all.


Spiderman Pet Costume

Spend an evening with the amazing Spider-dog. Your four-legged hero will rule Halloween. Plus they'll fit right in with all the other superhero characters you'll encounter on your trick-or-treat route this year.


Unicorn Pet Costume

Make this Halloween the most magical holiday of all. Dress your pet as a mystical unicorn, complete with a rainbow mane and tail.


Spider Pet Costume

Now your favorite pet can become an eight-legged creature for Halloween. This furry spider costume even lights up for a little extra festivity.


Flamingo Pet Costume

Dress your pet as one of nature's most elegant birds. The flamingo costume brings a little tropical vibe to your Halloween festivities. Bonus points if you can get Fido's BFFs to dress in this vibrant look, too — the photo of that flock? priceless.