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Diane Kruger Shared A Beautiful & Rare Photo Of Her Baby Girl With Norman Reedus

Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus tend to keep their private lives exactly that — private. The two actors are super guarded about their relationship and their nine-month-old daughter, rarely talking about or sharing photos of her. But, this photo of Diane Kruger's baby daughter with Norman Reedus is a rare peek at their life together as a family and might be the sweetest thing that their fans have seen in a while.

Kruger and Reedus are so guarded about their lives together that they rarely make appearances or take photos together. They're so private that people don't even know their daughter's name. But, there are occasions when they do share bits of their lives with fans — and that is exactly what Kurger did. On Friday, Aug. 16, Kruger took to her Instagram account to share a super simple photo of her boyfriend and their daughter. In the photo, their daughter can be seen on top of Reedus' shoulders as they walk in a park together. "Everything I'll ever need," Kruger captioned the sweet snapshot.

This photo is so special. This is one of the very first photos that Kruger has ever shared of their daughter, according to People, even though she gave birth to her nine months ago. And although you can't see her face (or Reedus' face) in the photo, it doesn't even matter. This photo is huge for anyone who has ever wanted to see more inside of their lives.

Kruger's Instagram followers can't help but to comment on how pretty the photo is.

"A picture full of serenity and normality and that's why it's so beautiful," one commenter wrote.

"Such a lovely family!!," another commenter added. "You all deserve the world!"

It's awesome that fans are so respectful of their relationship. As previously stated, Kruger and Reedus would rather talk about their careers than about their daughter or their dating lives. It took Kruger six months to share her first photo of their daughter in May after she gave birth to her in November 2018, according to Us Weekly. There have only been just a few interviews where Kruger has even talked about becoming a mother. In December 2018, Kruger told Extra that motherhood was "very rewarding." "She's very little, but I'm tired," she said. "I feel like a superhero right now."

One month later, Kruger told PorterEdit that she never imagined that she would become a mom. "I didn't think I wanted children for a long time," she said, according to Hello! "I was too selfish. But by the time I got to 35, I thought, yes, I probably do want one."

In that same interview, she praised Reedus for her expertise in parenting (he's the dad to a 19-year-old son, Mingus, with his ex, Helena Christensen). "[Norman] is so calm, and he teaches me a lot, because he's done it before," she said. "There's definitely something to be said for someone who is doing it for the second time."

Although Kruger has become more confident in her skills as a mom, and more comfortable with sharing photos of her daughter on social media, it doesn't mean that she will be sharing photos of her face any time soon. In January, she criticized paparazzi for taking photos of her daughter without their consent in an Instagram post, according to People. "While we understand that some people would like to see a picture of our daughter, we as parents, want nothing more than allow her to grow up in privacy and safety," she wrote in the caption.

So, it's likely that fans won't get to see their daughter's face (or know their daughters name) for a while until she grows up away for the public eye. But for now, people can enjoy that Kruger is letting them in on this part of her life.