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We Probably Won't See Baby Archie's Christening Unfold In The Media

Some moments are meant to be enjoyed privately, and it seems that's exactly what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have opted to do with their son's upcoming christening. While they have yet to confirm several details about the big day, we can probably expect that photos from Archie's christening won't come from the media on the day of the ceremony, as royal fans have grown to expect. But, honestly, this slight break in royal tradition is more than OK, and more importantly, should be respected.

Markle and Prince Harry are due to celebrate their son's christening Saturday, July 6, according to People, which also reported that the event is due to take place in Queen Elizabeth II's private chapel, located at Windsor Castle, with around "25 close family members and friends" in attendance.

The Daily Mail's Rebecca English described the upcoming ceremony on Twitter as an "intimate family ceremony," and revealed that photos will be released afterward. And the reason the media won't be able to grab photos of the sweet family on their way to Archie's christening — as we've seen with Prince William and Kate Middleton's kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis — is because it will reportedly take place in "the inner sanctum of the castle," meaning there will be no public access to the ceremony, according to English.

As with everything Markle and Prince Harry do, it seems there's been "pressure" on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to allow the media to photograph the event, as English reported, but they've likely chosen a private photographer to document the special day.

Unfortunately, Markle and Prince Harry have faced some criticism over their reported decision regarding Archie's christening. As one person wrote on Twitter, "please explain why the public are paying Tax for the Sussex's to continue dictating a private life at our expense? If they want a private life we shouldn't be paying for them e.g. Archie's Christening/ Meghan's noshow for president Trump."

Another said, "All this sill little fan girls thinking they'll finally get 2 see Archie R mistaken. Keep taking the money though eh Sussexes. Take the cash, the perks, pick & choose fun evens. U r a joke & embarrassment to the Royal Family."

This isn't the first time the former Suits actress and her husband have faced such backlash. In April, a few weeks before Archie's birth, people were unhappy after the couple announced plans to celebrate the birth "privately," according a statement from Buckingham Palace. As part of this decision, Markle did not step out of the hospital hours after giving birth for a photo opportunity. Instead, they debuted their newborn son in a private photo call at Windsor Castle several days after his birth.

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Amid the outrage, it's important to remember that royal christenings are always private. As Yahoo! noted, Prince William and Kate Middleton also kept their kids' christenings low-key, though they did allow the media to photograph their arrival with all three children in tow. Markle and Prince Harry are different, however, and have their own approach to parenting — just like regular people. What works for one family doesn't for another. In fact, The Sunday Times reported that the duke and duchess are determined to raise their son a "private citizen," which has been a tough pill to swallow for British taxpayers, who've contributed to a reported £2.4 million for renovations on the couple's home at Frogmore cottage.

Regardless, Markle and Prince Harry aren't property and don't have to do anything they aren't comfortable with. Archie's their first child, and it's fair that they may want to enjoy a few moments with him on their own. Being in the public eye shouldn't mean sacrificing a sense of privacy and security.

Prince Harry and Markle don't owe anything to the public, especially given the way the duchess is often treated and talked about. Every parent has the right to make their own decisions for their family, and if that means excluding the public from some aspects of their lives, fans just have to accept that. Archie has his whole life to be in the spotlight, and Prince Harry and Markle deserve a little time to be alone with their baby boy and enjoy this special time in their lives.