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See Chris Christie On The Beach He Closed

by Keiko Zoll

It's the July Fourth holiday weekend, and for millions of Americans fortunate enough to live close to a coast, they're enjoying lovely beach vacations. Unless of course, you just happen to live in New Jersey, where a state budget crisis has forced Gov. Chris Christie to shut down all state parks and beaches — forcing people with July Fourth beach vacation plans to scramble at the last minute to find somewhere else to bask in the sun. But Christie doesn't seem too fazed by the whole vacation-ruining debacle: It just means he has more beach to himself. Photos of Chris Christie on the beach he closed have flooded social media, showing that he could really care less what his constituents — or any one else — really thinks of him. Representatives for Christie did not immediate return Romper's request for comment.

Christie's "no f*cks given" attitude is spectacular, given that he has become New Jersey's least popular governor ever, with a dismal 15 percent approval rating. Christie's response? "The fact is, who cares?" he told a press conference in June. Never has there been a more obvious case of "who cares" than these aerial photos of Christie at Island Beach State Park in Berkeley Township, with a number of other guests.

With miles of empty beach around him in either direction, nothing about the situation looks good for Christie. Reporter Andrew Mills captured these photos of Christie at the beach from a plane that had been previously booked to photograph beach-going crowds for July Fourth holiday weekend. Trusting his gut not to cancel the previously-booked flight, Mills snapped a series of nigh unbelievable shots of the governor chillin' like a literal villain. At one point, Christie even looked up at the plane overhead like it was no big deal. Yanno, just a beach day for him and his guests while the rest of the state bemoaned closed beaches.

Twitter was NOT having it — and honestly, no one really should be with this level of astounding hypocrisy. Angry residents and outsiders alike took to Twitter to voice their rage and reactions in gif form.

But of all the photos, I think this one wins the day for its hilarity.

Meanwhile, Christie's official response via FOX 29 Good Day Philadelphia was even more tone-deaf than heading to the beach with his family when beaches are closed to the rest of the state: "Well, I’m sorry, they’re not the governor." It would seem that after his beach scandal, Gov. Chris Christie appears to see just how far he can sink his approval rating with this awful response, too.