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Photos Of Emily Maynard & Her Kids Are Way Too Cute

by Gillian Walters

Emily Maynard is one of the most beloved stars of the Bachelorette franchise and it's not difficult to see why, especially when you add her sweet kids into the equation. As fans of Maynard already know, she is the mom to three adorable children: Josephine Riddick Hendrick, 12; Jennings Tyler Johnson, 2; Gibson Kyle Johnson, 11-months; and she also has a baby on the way. Although it doesn't need to be explicitly said that Maynard is a fabulous mom, photos of Emily Maynard and her kids 100 percent confirm that she's acing this whole parenting thing.

If you follow Maynard's Instagram account, then you know she loves to post pictures of her kids and her husband of four years, Tyler Johnson. The best part? Maynard makes it a point to share photos of herself hanging out with each of her children separately, which is extra special. There's nothing cuter than a parent taking the time to make each of their kids feel important and loved.

Most recently, Maynard shared a photo of herself enjoying a "girls day" with Josephine before her first day of school. Maynard wrote, according to Instagram:

After Ricki killed my dreams of the whole family walking her into her classroom this morning and getting the obligatory "first day of school picture" I have to use this one from our girls day yesterday. Little does she know we'll all be waiting out front after school today. Sorry girl, your mommy is crazy. I love her more than I ever thought imaginable and I know she's going to crush middle school!

Mother/daughter photos are the absolute best, and this picture is no exception. Just by observing the smile on Josephine's face, it's clear that she treasures this one-on-one time with Maynard, and it's wonderful to see the two making memories together.

Maynard said of her relationship with Josephine, according to People:

I try to have a girls night with her once a month. We go do what she wants to do and go where she wants to eat and it’s just the two of us. Her room is separate from the boys and she has her own space. We just want to keep her feeling special.

As for Maynard's two sons, she also spends quality time with each of the boys. In April, Maynard posted a picture of herself and Gibson snuggling on a boat:

Maynard captioned the photo, according to Instagram:

mommy's boy for now {Gibson:6months} carrier: @tulababycarriers.

In the case of Maynard's middle child, (don't worry middle children, you haven't been forgotten) Jennings, he also has had his fair share of private mommy time. In an Instagram post from June 2016, Maynard wrote:

While sisters at camp it's just you and me kid. how many times can we walk around target without buying anything? So far zero.

Ah, the joys of taking just one child to Target.

Obviously, Maynard has also shared plenty photos of herself enjoying quality time with all three of her children. On Sept. 5, Maynard posted a hilarious photo of her brood having fun at the Tweetsie Railroad park in North Carolina. Maynard said of the shot, according to Instagram:

When you're trying to take a family picture with a two year old and there's a train behind you this is as good as it's going to get. @mtylerjohnson.

Raise your hand if you can relate to Maynard in this photo — a toddler's love of trains is all too real, right?

Maynard has a lovely family, and it's clear she goes to great lengths to make each of her children feel adored. Here's to all the photos to come of Maynard and her sweet kids, and the first photo of baby number four.

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